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61 25 May 1992
3 PM

I saw a Yellow-Red flame coming down from outer space and it wrapped around the world. The world looked Yellow-Red all over. I guess like Mars.

169 23 July 1992
11:49 AM

Note that the yellow eyes of the wolf changes to red eyes (angry) - see #1456 - own view

Just before prayer, I keep seeing this face of a Fox and a face of a Wolf. The Wolf has Yellow eyes. The Fox has Red eyes, piercing looking eyes.

272 23 January 1993
1:41 PM

I see a big speed stop light with the red, yellow, and green lights. The Lord says: "Stop, Look, and Listen."

277 26 January 1993
12:10 AM

Yes, it is the truth. All that is green is going to become red. All that is blue is going to become green. All that is yellow will become the color of a grapefruit. Yes, this is the truth. All the colors are going to change. All of carbon, all that is black is going to become white. For I am going to clean everything that is dirty with the Force of the Holy Spirit. Wake up, and study. I will show you. This is the Father with the Son, and the Holy Spirit, My Sons and Daughters.

866 27 February 1996
8:15 PM

I believe this is  referring to Jesus 
Bible verse : Jesus is the Sun of Righteousness (Mal 4:2and the Son of Righteousness (Heb 1:8) - own view

The Lord showed me an enormous yellow-white sun with this pyramid in front of it. (over)

869 05 March 1996
8:00 PM

Then I saw the Bride of Christ standing in front of the Lord, but with her back facing the Lord, and the Lord had His Arms around her. They Both were - just standing there quietly - and swaying from side to side. Then this large white glowing ring that looked like a Hula-Hoop appeared around them and it started to sway and rock up and down around them. The ring had more of a teeter-totter movement. (over)

The next vision was of Jesus Christ dancing alone with the Bride of Christ. They had the whole dance floor to themselves for I couldn't see anyone else there. They reminded me of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers swinging and twirling around and around in this vast open space, in perfect timing to the worship music. I could see the Bride wearing on Her head, this large wide white hat with this black ribbon around the hat. I looked a second time, and this time She was wearing a different large hat (same style), but with light colored ribbons (yellow & white) coming out of the top of the hat. The third hat was also large and white, but it looked like it had  holes around the brim almost as if it was crocheted. But the most interesting thing was their movement. They werealways in PERFECT TIME to the music.

871 10 March 1996
4 PM

I saw this extremely large mouth in the spirit with perfectly White Teeth. As I watched closely I could see the clean White Teeth chewing on some yellow straw.

890 03 April 1996
8:30 PM

Then the next vision appeared. I saw a horizontal black rod about a foot long in the air, and on this black rod there were two almost round large yellow onions hanging upside down and side by side by their roots. Then twenty minutes later during praise and worship, I saw the rod being removed and the two onions fell to the ground. As they fell, they began to grow once they hit the ground. I could see the green stems growing from the onions as they laid on top of the ground. Then two white flowers grew from each onion. Then as I watched in the spirit, I saw the Lord's mouth open and with His tongue He began licking the two onion stems with the flowers. It looked very unusual seeing this, but it reminded me of what a mother cat does with her baby kittens. It looked Loving and gentle as He stroked each onion.

1327 09 May 1999
5 PM

Then I saw the Lord holding an orange-yellow ball in His Hands.

1485 05 April 2000
8:40 PM

I saw a black cat with bright yellow eyes.

1501 09 May 2000
6:30 PM

Then I saw this Door to Heaven. But what was so strange was the Door shape looked like one of my house doors. This Door to Heaven was so CLEAN and pure White. I could not believe anything could be that clean and white looking. Then I saw this Golden Doorknob on the Door. The Doorknob was also very CLEAN and shiny yellow. I could not comprehend how CLEAN everything was. As I watched this, I noticed that the Golden Doorknob was being removed from the Door.

1520 30 June 2000
11:45 PM

South American Anointing Mission trip

Then I had a vision of a bundle of coconuts tied together - then two piercing yellow eyes looking at me. Then a word saying, "Why are you leaving!" (demon)

1573 12 January 2002
1:30 PM

The Lord gave me a vision of a German Shepherd on a yellow grassy hillside. As the dog walked toward me, it fell down and began to roll over on its side, then on its back with his front legs kicking into the air. As I watched this dog, I could see that its hind legs were crippled. Then the vision stopped.