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2 18 July 1990

Please read whole #2 - own view

Also mentioned in this # : White (Bright) Light and White Star

I saw this white Star move out by itself in the sky. The next thing I see is this white Star hover over a large white cloud(In this case = nuclear explosion - own view)

This vision of a clear sheet of glass made me even angrier for after seeing a nuclear explosion I was shown something that didn't make sense. The next thing I was shown was the ground. As I watched the ground it opened up and a large crystal came up. It was about one foot in diameter and about eighteen inches high with a bright white cone on top. 

The next image was of an enormous black cloud moving from left to right. Then a massive White Cloud appeared moving from right to left. These two clouds met in  the middle and the White Cloud swallowed the black cloud.

In the next image, I could see the Earth as you see it from outer space. It looked so beautiful with its white clouds and blue green water, I could even see the patterns. I don't know from where Jesus Christ came from, but He was standing next to me as I watched the planet Earth. Then all of a sudden the planet disappeared and all I could see was black space. I remember I argued with Christ because the planet just vanished into nothing. He showed me the planet two more times and each time it disappeared into nothing. This really upset me for I kept arguing with Him.

By this time I didn't know what to believe, so I said to Christ, "I don't believe it. I want to go down and see for myself what's down there." The next thing that happened, we both started descending toward the planet. Once we entered the outer surface, all I could see were these white clouds moving through the sky, but they weren't like the clouds I was used to seeing. The actual planet could not be seen because these white clouds covered the whole planet. These clouds were different, they seemed to have there own individual movement, each was separate from the others. What crossed my mind was that these were individual spirits and not clouds at all, but I really didn't know. This all happened while Christ and I were descending to the planet and since I could not see anything, I told Him that I didn't believe it and I asked Him to take me down farther into the planet.

3 23 July 1990 About : White (Bright) Light and Bright White Star
4 July 1990 About : White (Bright) Light and Bright White Star
22 15 December 1990 -
01 January 1991

I see a Queen dressed in white with a crown. She has no eyes. I see a King with a crown with no eyes.

35 29 January 1991

I saw a snow white Mountain Peak with a white Eagle on top. Then the Eagle flew off carrying a large Book. The Eagle had a dome of protection around it, of some kind. There were Evil things trying to knock it out of the sky, but it just kept on flying at a steady speed. As it flew, it collected names of the Christians that were being saved. It just kept flying around the World, and as it flew the Book got bigger or it seemed to fill up with names. Then the vision just stopped.

37 09 February 1991 # about White Winged Horse - Link : All horses
39 1991 (fall of) # about White Winged Horse - Link : All horses
40 11 April 1992

I see a white cloud.
Read also about white light

67 27 May 1992
8 PM

I saw a long table with people sitting across from each other. Then a white sheet went up in the middle of the table separating the people that were facing each other. All of a sudden the people on the right side of the table were covered with this white sheet and changed into white horses. Then the next thing I saw were these same white horses racing each other. They were all running side by side as fast as they could, neck to neck and nose to nose. The next scene the same white horses were walking in a single file into the sky, or maybe into Heaven, I don't know which.

115 26 June 1992
9:46 AM

I saw a white Lamb's face. 

I keep seeing these white little specks like the top of pin heads. I have seen them on two or three occasions. I have no meaning for them. I just don't understand?

116 26 June 1992
9:58 AM

I had a vision of a puzzle. It didn't have a picture on it but all the pieces were interlocked. I have no meaning for it. Right now while I am talking, I am seeing a white Dove and a face of a Lamb. I don't have any meaning for it either.

149 08 July 1992
7:34 PM

I saw a group of black shadows or figures around this illuminated white table. They were cutting up the world into pieces and sections.
The next thing I see is an airplane and the airplane is flying toward Japan. The Lord said it was the Wolf flying to Japan for a conference of sorts.

151 09 July 1992
8:38 AM

# about White Horse & White Light - various paragraphs - Links : All horses - White Light

My arm is still extended. I feel some pain at the palm but I am having visions. I am seeing a battle. I am seeing people on horses throwing spears and shooting arrows. I see horses and riders falling. There is a fierce battle going on. I don't know who is who. I see a rider wearing black, riding a white horse. I don't know if he is a good guy or a bad guy. I see only half of the battle. I can't see what's going on with the other side of the battle. I see someone stretching a bow and arrow and shooting straight and hard. He is shooting to the left as I am facing him. I don't know where the arrow landed or where the other side is.

181 05 August 1992
12:04 PM

I just had a vision of a mountain top. I saw one of those large radar dishes or transmitter dishes on top of a Mountain pointing in the air and it's snowing. A mountain with a building on top of its peak. I can see the snow coming down. The mountain is covered with white snow. I don't see a meaning.

188 15 August 1992

I see a round ball like a beach ball and it has four colors. A dark black, and grey on one side, the other side has a bright white and an off-white.
Then the Lord Said: The ball would be united white against black. That the off-white would become White and the off-black (grey) would become black. Then it would be white against black. 

203 05 September 1992
1:13 PM
# about White Light top of mountain - link : White Light
209 13 September 1992
1:52 PM

I see the sun coming over the horizon between some white clouds.

232 11 November 1992
7:22 PM

# about White Horse (and black horse) - link : All  Horses

233 24 November 1992
10:33 PM

I see a woman dressed in pure white with black hair and laying in a coffin facing up. I can't tell if she's dead or not. I don't believe she is. I see the image of teeth, they're chewing something, but I can't see what they're chewing.

I am seeing someone wearing an Arab outfit with a white headpiece and a bandanna. It's a man with a black beard, and he has a gold braid or band around the white turban. It covers his hair and neck.

236 27 November 1992
11:37 PM

I was having Communion with a friend, when all of a sudden I started having a vision of tables with white tablecloths. They were placed in a circle, enough tables to seat thirty to fifty people. They had torches burning at each table. The people were in all white uniforms and hoods like what the Ku Klux Klan wear. They were all standing behind their tables in a circle chanting, or something, and in the center of this large circle of tables there was a drawing of a star with a circle around it. I stopped having Communion, and I got up from the table where I was, and went in the living room and started to pray, because the Lord said they were praying against me.

The Lord said "Go back and finish having Communion with your friend." Then after Communion the Lord said, "Now go pray against them." So after we finished Communion, my friend and I started to pray on the living room floor against this ceremony. I don't know how long we prayed against it, maybe twenty minutes, but after this time of prayer each person that was around this circle of tables got up in a single file and went out the door. They got up and walked out.

246 09 December 1992
4:26 PM

I see a round red sign with a white border and no writing on it.

254 17 December 1992
9:59 AM

Important to read whole #

# about White House - Links : White House / Washington DC

255 20 December 1992
3 PM

During Communion I had a vision of a grave stone. Then the ground in front of the grave opened up. What came out was a male lion. As I watched the Lion, it changed into a white Lamb. Then the Lamb was sacrificed on an altar

Then My prayer language changed into Spanish and said, "Woman doctor, Woman doctor." Then I had a vision of a thin woman with short black hair laying down. Don't know if she was the doctor or the patient. 

256 20 December 1992
7:15 PM

II saw an image of a white arrow pointed horizontally. Then it changed into an actual arrow, which is used with a bow. Then someone took the arrow and shot it horizontally from the left to right. Then I saw another arrow with the same archer, and he shot the arrow straight into the air at ninety degrees, until it disappeared. Prophecy:
The Lord said, "Wake up My Children, My Son is coming."

269 23 January 1993
1:22 PM

What will be right, will actually be wrong, and what will be wrong, will actually be right. The communications of the world will be biased, will be of the beast, and the beast will be controlled by Satan. So don't be quick to condemn. For what is white will be black, and what is black will be white. Be very careful My Children, My Sheep, My Lambs. For many will be deceived, and many will fall. For the actions of the beast are the actions of all that is evil. Read the Bible, study, stay focused, stay tuned. For some of your SO-CALLED GREAT MEN are working for the enemy. Do not be deceived. Focus on Jesus Christ of Nazareth, your Father Jehovah, and the Holy Spirit will guide you, and direct you. Remember My Words, what sounds pretty, what sounds right could be wrong. For the communications of this world, this planet, are going to amplify the word of Satan, through the beast, through his organization. The false prophet will begin his campaign with the mass media. He will begin to change the value systems of the planet, and focus it in the direction of the Antichrist. Listen carefully, very, very carefully to what is said in the media. What will be right, will actually be wrong, and what will be wrong, will actually be right.

277 26 January 1993
12:10 AM

Yes, it is the truth. All that is green is going to become red. All that is blue is going to become green. All that is yellow will become the color of a grapefruit. Yes, this is the truth. All the colors are going to change. All of carbon, all that is black is going to become white. For I am going to clean everything that is dirty with the Force of the Holy Spirit. Wake up, and study. I will show you. This is the Father with the Son, and the Holy Spirit, My Sons and Daughters.

300 28 February 1993
3:32 PM

Jehovah Father and His beloved Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth? - own view

Vision of a cotton field. There was an adult walking through a cotton field. He had a child around the back of his neck with the child's legs around his shoulders.
The Lord said: "Look at the cotton. Look at the cotton." I could see the White cotton, for miles and miles. He said, "It's ready, it's ready, the field is ready to be picked. Pick the cotton, pick the White Cotton." 

310 26 March 1993
10:03 PM

I had a vision of a white Dove with a small fish in its mouth, and a vision of a Dove with a flower in its mouth. Then I saw a vision of a Dove with a twig or straw in its mouth. 

323 17 May 1993
9:00 AM
# about White Horse - Link : All horses
333 23 June 1993
4:30 PM

Own view:
I believe this is referring to those who will rise from the dead (time of rapture and first resurrection) and the others are those who will also rise but will be judged and be part of the second death (Greath White Throne Judgment) - they will be cast into the lake of fire
Bible verses referring to this second death:
(Rev 2:11/ 20:6 / 21:8)
Bible verses referring to "Many are called, few are chosen":
Matt 22:14 / 1 Cor 1:26
Same goes for those alive who will received glorified bodies(rapture) and will wear white robes (but the dead in Christ will rise first :
(1 Thess 4:16)
See also Ark/Rapture for more Bible verses

I had a vision of open coffins laying side by side. There are many coffins, but the people that are in the coffins are wrapped with strips of cloth. Like what would be on an Egyptian mummy. Some are wrapped in dirty linen, and every now and then you would see one wrapped in bright white linen. That's all.

362 20 September 1993
7:58 AM

This light refers to an explosion (bomb) - America watching and not helping -  own view

I see an eagle from behind and it is looking at a round ball of white light. Then the white ball of light starts to grow. Then it gets bigger and bigger and the eagle just stands there watching it grow. 

376 14 October 1993
2:40 PM

I see a white egg with an arrow through it.

377 14 October 1993
7:15 PM

During prayer at church I saw a black earth with a white star (5-ptd) on top of the planet with a large candle on top of it.

391 23 December 1993
8:25 PM

# about White Candle - Link : Candle/Lamp

394 16 January 1994
9:30 PM

I saw a bell ringing, but it was glowing bright white.

396 02 February 1994
5:19 AM

See also #645 & 987 - own view

I had an image of four arches and they formed a cross with a Lit Candle in the middle..

401 05 February 1994

Vision of a snow covered valley with a dense fog rolling in between the hills or canyon. Now, I am seeing the fog from a different angle and it's moving in between these two mountain ranges.
I see an enormous sword, it is as large as the mountains and it is imbedded in the fog and snow covered valley in between two mountain ranges. All I can see is the handle of sword sticking out of this white mass.
I see a mountain peak with the top covered with bright white snow and with brown and black colors at the base.  

402 06 February 1994
8:30 AM

I had a vision of the same mountain in two images, one has the top covered with white snow and the next image it is all covered with white snow.
I saw an image of a white bell.

408 16 February 1994
4:30 PM

I see a white pillar, but only the top third for there is a large black tree in front of it.

409 17 February 1994
7:30 PM

I see something that looks like a Mexican tamale cut in the middle, but it is not a tamale, the inside is black and the outside is white

411 02 March 1994
10 AM

I saw a vision of a white dove wearing a crown.

The next image was of someone writing a letter with their left hand. Then of someone carrying a spear in their right hand and the spear was white

433 14 April 1994
7:30 PM

In my evening church service, during prayer, the Lord gave me a vision of a round sphere with lines around it. It reminded me of a soccer ball, but the bottom of the sphere couldn't be seen, but underneath was the pitched roof of a house of some kind. The sphere was much larger than the roof.The prayer really got intense during the worship, for my body started to perspire and I could sense the Presence of the Lord. I asked the Lord for another confirmation to this Toronto mission. The Lord said, "What was revealed to your Christian Brother was correct, the enemy is going to try to stop the spiritual war in the area of Toronto, Canada. There are going to be two demonic aerial attacks from the air." Then, He showed me two grey colored jet planes flying.  He said, "They represent two aerial assaults. They are going to try to quench the war in Toronto." Then He said, "Go" Then He showed me a white jet going in the direction of these two grey colored jets. "You are going into the war," He said, "Stand in the gap, but I am going to send one other and He is going to be doing the same thing, but it won't be the Christian Brother going with you." 

445 09 May 1994
9:40 AM

A vision of statues all over these country hills. I asked the Lord, "Are those statues of God?" The Lord said, "No! those are the statues of idolatries." Then the vision stopped. They were white statues placed all over this countryside. Almost like.... lots of garbage. So I asked the Lord again, "Where is this place?" The Lord said, "In America, in the United States, all over America."

448 10 May 1994
8:45 PM
# about White Horse and Eagle - Links : All horses / All eagles
449 11 May 1994
7 AM

# about White Horse pulling chariot - Link : All horses

451 May 1994

See also satanic/demonic - own view

I see an enormous star levitated off the ground with a platform or stage below it with white hooded men on the stage.

452 27 May 1994
9:25 AM

During prayer I had a vision of the inside of someone's throat. I could see a little center dangling piece in the center of the throat. As I looked a white lump appeared on the right side of the throat as I face it.  It was a round ball to one side.  I don't know what it means.  That is all.

466 07 June 1994
11:09 AM

I saw a vision of a white candle with a black flame. It was sitting on some sort of irregular shape mound of material I have never seen before. 

467 07 June 1994
2:15 PM
# about White Candle - Link : Candle/Lamp
477 17 June 1994
10:30 AM

This either refers to America (fat woman) or the church of today - read all #'s given on this date - a lot refers to America - own view

I saw a vision of a big heavy person laying in bed with a white blanket over the bed.

492 20 June 1994
7:14 AM
# about White Light like star - Link : Star/Light
507 25 July 1994
8:10 PM

To do with America - elephant refers to the Republican party - see also demonic/satanic link - See #526! : devil "trinity" = devil, anti-christ & false prophet - own view

During prayer I had a vision of a large tall white triangle. This white triangle looks as tall as a forty or fifty story building. It is much higher than at the base. I can see many thousands of dark figures at the base of the triangle. Some distance from the white triangle I see a group of dark figures gathering around some sort of altar. I sense something blasphemous. It reminds me of what Moses might have seen when he came down from the mountain after receiving the commandments from God. I can see this altar with dark figures around it. They seem to be doing something, but I am too far off in the spirit to see just what is going on. There seem to be maybe fifteen to twenty thousand dark figures all over this small valley or arena. Now, I see this elephant walking out over this embankment carrying something with some figures walking behind it. I keep thinking or sensing in the spirit that this is an evil ritual or something very blasphemous to the Lord. For some reason I believe the triangle is the Lord.

511 27 July 1994
5:05 PM

A vision of a tongue that is not the normal pink color. This tongue is about 65 % black with areas of pink and white especially around the edges. I don't know if it's a human tongue, but it looks sick. 

526 11 August 1994
10 AM

This is just the opposite of #507! : Trinity of God = Father, Son & Holy Spirit - own view

Vision of a solid black triangle with a white candle in front of it.

558 08 September 1994
6:14 AM

# about White Candle - Link : Candle/Lamp

567 14 September 1994
2:35 PM

I saw a woman's white lace garter belt. I saw it round the woman's arms up to her elbows. She was completely nude and swam through it under water. Then the vision stopped.

579 25 September 1994

A ship is moving in the fog with a white stripe smokestack. Then an image of a darker ship appears. It is moving across the path of the ship with the white strip smokestack. I did not see the collision, but the darker ship is on fire.

588 27 September 1994
5:11 PM

A white ice skate on top of the planet earth. The ice skate is as large as the planet earth on the North Pole.

599 29 September 1994
6:14 PM

I saw two boys playing on a swing set. The boy on the swing was black. The boy pushing him was white with red hair. They were playing and having a good time.

602 01 October 1994
9:45 AM
# about White Bright Light and White Dove - Links : Light/Star / Dove


Then a woman appeared in a White Wedding Dress with a Veil

Go also to link :  Ark/Rapture/Bride - own view

619 22 October 1994
6:30 AM

Read rest of dream on Ray's website - only part mentioning word "white" put down here - own view

I had a dream of an army ruling a city. It reminded me of how Germany occupied Europe during World War II. I found myself in a University sitting at a desk, which would seat three people. It was a narrow room that looked like a passenger train with seats on each side. As I looked up, the door facing me opened and three soldiers walked in. They were walking from desk to desk and ordering everyone to take some kind of white tablet. It looked like an ant-acid tablet. The tablets were carried in a tin cup that looked like a tuna fish can. There were only ten to fifteen tablets in the tin cup and people had to place a tablet in their mouths then replaced the tablet into the tin cup. Everyone had to use the same tablets without question. It looked so gross as they went from desk to desk.

621 24 October 1994
4:17 PM

I saw a spool of wire with a white ball rolling around on top of the spool.

638 09 November 1994
10:10 AM

I saw a vision of a dark black branch of a tree. The branch has three or four white round balls on top of it. I can't tell if they are growing out of the tree or if they are just sitting on top. They are about as large as golf balls.

641 17 November 1994
3:07 PM

I had a vision of a ship. I am viewing it from high above. I can see a smoke stack of some sort with a white band about midway up the smokestack. I believe the ship is grey and the white section of the smokestack is about five feet high and all the way around the stack.

644 20 November 1994
4:04 AM

I saw a vision of white spirits or white clouds of some sort. They were lifting up large buildings that had fallen. I saw these flowing white images that could be Angels or spirits lifting the buildings up from the ground and rebuilding them and re-standing them on their foundations. That's all.

645 22 November 1994
10 PM
# about White Candle - Link : Candle/Lamp - see also # 396 & 987 - own view
667 05 January 1995
8:30 PM

Go to link : Anti-christ - for other #'s regarding his idol (ball), eg #54 & # 669 -  own view

During prayer with a Christian Brother I saw the an image of a white ball. I saw four men holding it up and then two more men were added to help hold the ball up. Then the vision stopped.

669 07 January 1995
9:15 AM

Go to link : Anti-christ - for other #'s regarding his idol (ball), etc - own view

During worship at the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International breakfast, I had a vision of a white ball. The ball looked florescent and I saw six people worshipping, bowing, and praising it, and giving glory to it. The next thing I see, this ball is in a bowl or holder of some sort. It was crisscrossed into four sections by two rows of gold leaves over laid from the top to the bottom. The two rows of leaves cross each other at 90 degrees in the center of the ball, which cuts the ball into four different sections. At the top of the ball there is some sort of round thing. As I watched the six men worshipping it, the Lord impressed on my mind that this was the image of the beast or idol that everyone was going to worship. The next image that the Lord showed me was Vision #54 of a ball that was thrown into the air and it exploded. 

The meaning of the ball being thrown into the air:
The Lord said, He was going to do to the same thing to the ball that the beast wants people to idolize and worship. He was going to take it, and throw it into the air, and it was going to explode.

678 30 January 1995

I had a vision of a White Bell.
Read also #679 - it goes with this # - own view

685 08 February 1995
11:30 AM

I saw a aluminum can like a soft drink can except when it was opened, milk, or something white like milk poured out.

687 16 February 1995
12:34 AM


I had a strange dream. I don't know how to really explain it. I was asleep, but I don't know if I was dreaming it or if it was real. The Lord took my spirit and placed it into the Internet system. I sensed going into the system. I saw a white screen and the Lord printed on the screen, "Hi Ray, your in the system now!" or something like that! The background of the screen was white and I felt peaceful and calm. But somehow the reality of it frightened me because it was so real. It was like going into a new house or something like that and the Lord says, "It's yours." You look around and you are overwhelmed because it's yours. I really don't know how to explain it, except it was all in the spirit and I was so overwhelmed, it woke me up.

690 22 February 1995
2:08 AM

Refer to anti-christ - ball (idol) going to be worshipped - own view

During prayer, I had a vision of a man with a short trimmed beard wearing a flat cap and a black overcoat. He was holding a white florescent ball in his left hand over his head. The sun visor was snapped onto the head part of the cap. The florescent ball was about the size of a basketball.

699 01 March 1995
12:07 AM

I had a vision of a knitted net with a closely knitted mesh, but there were different colors of yarn with spots of grey and green, black, white, a yarn of different colors that blended together. 

733 21 May 1995
8:37 AM

# about White House - Links : White House

746 08 June 1995
5:12 AM

# about White House - Links : White House

749 14 June 1995
11:13 AM

A vision of a large tree, but it's leaves were white as snow. The tree wasn't covered with snow and the leaves were just bright WHITE.

758 01 July 1995
5:35 PM

I had a vision of a big banquet with white tablecloths on all the tables. There were thousands of tables as far as the eyes could see with black creatures sitting at the tables having banquet, having a feast. Then the image stopped. 

770 10 July 1995
8:25 AM

# about White House - Links : White House

775 14 July 1995
2:14 AM

During praise and worship I started praying for Benny Hinn and the Lord showed me a vision.
I had a vision of White Rolling Hills with a small black marble rolling up and down over the hills.

779 22 July 1995
7:30 PM

Then the Lord showed me some gold rings laid one on top of another that formed a small pyramid and on top of these gold rings there was a black ball. Then this Pure White Golf Club appeared and hit the black ball off the rings of gold.

786 29 July 1995
7:45 PM

The Lord showed me a vision as one of the brothers of the Lord was praying. The vision was of the Bride of Christ and I was very close to her face in the spirit, and I could see tears coming out of her closed left eye. And something like a make-up brush was brushing off the tears. As the brother in the Lord kept praying I started to see the right eye closed also. Then the Lord took His finger and pushed up the eyelid of the right eye. To my surprise there was no eye, it was just white or blank and the vision stopped.

793 12 August 1995
9:50 AM

During the end of the Church service in the Catholic Church where everyone is holding hands and praying together the Lord's Prayer, I saw a light or a white fog that RUSHED from the inside of the whole church into the air. For what the Lord was showing me were the praises of the people going to Heaven in the form of a white cloud or light and it startled and overwhelm me and I began to cry.

796 20 August 1995
4 AM
# about White Candles - Link : Candle/Lamp
796 20 August 1995
4 AM

Then I saw a white top hat. 
Then the Lord said to me, "Rest and buy some dog food for your dogs."


03 October 1995
8:15 PM

During worship the Lord showed me a mixing bowl with some sort of white batter in it and one of those wire-mixing instruments. Then something dark was poured into the mixing bowl. Instead of turning the batter dark in color as it was mixed, it stayed white. The white batter turned the dark substance white in the mixing process.

Prophecy (on the above)
Then the Lord said, "This prophecy is for the Body of Christ. I am bringing My Body together. I am bringing in the corrupt members of the Body that have sin and are contaminated in with the good sheep and I am going to clean them up."

What struck me in this vision was the sovereignty of God, and in how we see things with our eyes. We think things are going to be one way (dark batter), but with the Lord it went the other way (white batter changed the darkness to white). He cleaned up whatever went into the mixing bowl, as it was being mixed (not what we would expect). He showed me that He thinks differently, in Heavenly ways, and we think with the mind of the world. He is going to clean His bad sheep in the mixing bowl with the good ones, and the batter is going to become WHITE. This was VERY, VERY ODD seeing it in the spirit.

Note : this is only referring to Body of Christ and not the dark & evil (unbelievers and worshippers of devil in whatever way) - own view

818 06 October 1995
8:30 PM

Then the next image was of an Angel - it was pure white. And He had  a bow and was on a horse, except with this bow He was shooting two arrows at  one time. I could see Him stretch back the bow.

823 20 October 1995
8:00 PM

A vision of a bright white rose fully bloomed surrounded by bars that began to rise like a jail.

829 07 November 1995
7:55 AM
# about White Candle - Link : Candle/Lamp
837 16 December 1995
9:42 AM

I saw an image of a horseshoe-type magnet in the shape of half of a heart. The pointed lower half of the heart was missing. When I saw the ends of the magnet one end was black and the other was White. The magnet was approaching the planet earth. 

846 03 January 1996
8:00 PM
# about Bright White Light - Link : Light/Star
849 15 January 1996
4:00 PM

I was high above the ground in the spirit, when I looked down and saw a white flag pole without a flag. I could see the round ball on top to the flagpole.

850 16 January 1996
8:30 PM

Then the Lord gave me a vision of a wooden cup. Then He dropped a white pearl inside the wooden cup, and said, "Save your pearls."

853 19 January 1996
1:30 AM

A vision of an opened White Umbrella around a few opened black umbrellas.

859 30 January 1996
10:30 PM

A vision of a bundle of sticks tied tightly together with a thin white string.

860 31 January 1996
8:00 PM

See also - own view

I had a vision of the Lord in a long white robe that came down to his feet with large sleeves. He was waving His Arms up and down slowly. (It looked like what a person would do if he wanted to fly using his arms and hands.) As I watched, I could see many people in front of the Lord praying on their knees. I looked at His Head, and He had a band of thorns, and the band of thorns changed into a golden crown. The Lord looked different; His Hair was short, and He looked a little older.
He said, "Beware for the END IS HERE! Tell them of the reality of what is ahead for the Body of Christ and the members of the Body of Christ."

866 27 February 1996
8:15 PM

Referring to Jesus - Triangle/pyramid represents the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit - see #3 - throne, ice-cream cone, pyramid ?

Bible verse : Jesus is the Sun of Righteousness (Mal 4:2and the Son of Righteousness (Heb 1:8) - own view

The Lord showed me an enormous yellow-white sun with this pyramid in front of it. (over)
Then I saw this large but almost flat bowl with a wooden flat stick laying across the center and over the top of the bowl. As I watched a lit white candle was placed in the center of the wooden flat stick which was over the center of the bowl.

869 05 March 1996
8:00 PM

The next vision was a sensor like the kind the Lord speaks about in the bible, and someone was placing incenses in it- to burn. But before the contents were burned I saw something that looked like snowflakes falling from the air onto the sensor. So much of the white stuff fell on top of the sensor and the surrounding area - that a mound about 10 feet high covered the sensor and the sensor could not be seen anymore. Then this white stuff changed into a gold looking mound that started to radiate or glow with a white cloud look. As this mound was radiating; this round rainbow appeared in mid-air about half way up the glowing clouds.
I asked myself, "What is this stuff."
The Lord said, "Those are the prayers of the saints."

Then I saw the Bride of Christ standing in front of the Lord, but with her back facing the Lord, and the Lord had His Arms around her. They Both were - just standing there quietly - and swaying from side to side. Then this large white glowing ring that looked like a Hula-Hoop appeared around them and it started to sway and rock up and down around them. The ring had more of a teeter-totter movement. (over)

The next vision was of Jesus Christ dancing alone with the Bride of Christ. They had the whole dance floor to themselves for I couldn't see anyone else there. They reminded me of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers swinging and twirling around and around in this vast open space, in perfect timing to the worship music. I could see the Bride wearing on Her head, this large wide white hat with this black ribbon around the hat. I looked a second time, and this time She was wearing a different large hat (same style), but with light colored ribbons (yellow & white) coming out of the top of the hat. The third hat was also large and white, but it looked like it had  holes around the brim almost as if it was crocheted. But the most interesting thing was their movement. They were always in PERFECT TIME to the music.

870 10 March 1996
4 PM

I saw a vision of a horseshoe magnet. It was all black except for the ends. The ends were painted White. As I watched the magnet- the White color on the ends began to move upward until they met in the middle of the magnet and changed the black magnet into a White magnet.

871 10 March 1996
4 PM

I saw this extremely large mouth in the spirit with perfectly White Teeth. As I watched closely I could see the clean White Teeth chewing on some yellow straw.

873 11 March 1996
10:57 AM

# about White Candle - Link : Candle/Lamp

875 13 March 1996
8:15 PM

The Holy Spirit said during worship at a prayer meeting. "I move from place to place, but I am ONE SPIRIT."
Then I had a vision of Three Trees in a row, side-by-side. Each Tree had ONE Trunk. And each Tree had Three Branches growing from its ONE trunk. These Three Trees did not have Leaves; they had something that looked like White cotton or Candy cotton all over the top of each Tree.
The Lord said, "Each Tree represents the Trinity. Each represents the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. All Three Are ONE.  And the White on top of each Tree is the GLORY of God.
Then the Lord gave me another vision of Four lit white CANDLES in a circle. There was some sort of arch that came out of the middle of the circle and connected all FOUR CANDLES. All the Candles were moving in a clockwise direction. 
The Lord said, "Each One represents the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and the fourth represents you. This is how We are in UNION with each other. And the circular motion shows you how We Work together." He called it the UNION, but it sounded to me as if HE called it the COMMUNION too; either way it was Beautiful. 

880 17 March 1996
8:00 PM
# about White Candle - Link : Candle/Lamp
885 27 March 1996
8:30 PM
# about White Candle - Link : Candle/Lamp
890 03 April 1996
8:30 PM

Also # about Bright White Light - Link : Light/star
Then the next vision appeared. I saw a horizontal black rod about a foot long in the air, and on this black rod there were two almost round large yellow onions hanging upside down and side by side by their roots. Then twenty minutes later during praise and worship, I saw the rod being removed and the two onions fell to the ground. As they fell, they began to grow once they hit the ground. I could see the green stems growing from the onions as they laid on top of the ground. Then two white flowers grew from each onion. Then as I watched in the spirit, I saw the Lord's mouth open and with His tongue He began licking the two onion stems with the flowers. It looked very unusual seeing this, but it reminded me of what a mother cat does with her baby kittens. It looked Loving and gentle as He stroked each onion.

894 06 April 1996
1:00 PM

# about Bright White Light - Link : Light/Star

895 10 April 1996
1:30 PM
# about Bright White Light - Link : Light/Star
898 16 April 1996
10:30 PM
# about White Horse - Link : All horses
900 25 April 1996
3:55 PM
# about White House - Link : White House
903 05 May 1996
8:19 AM

See also #908

Read whole # on Ray's website

I want you to pick a day. Any day that you want, and I want you to wear black, and I want all of your clothes to be black from the morning to the evening. Do you understand what I have said? All the clothes that you wear must be black for the day of darkness is here; the Day of Judgment; the day of wrath; the day of mourning. The day of vengeance is here clearly and to the point. The things that the world will see will be the cleansing of what is evil. For My Eyes and My Ears are seeing revolting things second by second. So I want you to wear black from the time you wake up in the morning, I want you to go and put on some black clothes until evening. Then the next day, I want you to wear WHITE from the time you wake up until the time it gets dark. For that's the way it will be at the end times. It will be black then it will be white. 

904 05 May 19996
10 Am

During church service I saw a series of black arrows moving downward and at one point in there movement they changed into WHITE ARROWS. 

908 16 May 1996
7:35 AM

See also #903

I have been praying to the Lord for an explanation, for the wearing of White and black clothes. This is what the Lord told me, "Wearing White and black clothes Symbolizes, Witnesses, and Seals, what I have said is TRUE and is going to HAPPEN!" black clothes Symbolizes, Witnesses, and Seals, what I have said is TRUE and is going to HAPPEN!" black clothes Symbolizes, Witnesses, and Seals, what I have said is TRUE and is going to HAPPEN!" black clothes Symbolizes, Witnesses, and Seals, what I have said is TRUE and is going to HAPPEN!"  
Yesterday, I spent some of my mortgage money and bought the White and black clothes I needed to accomplish this event. I will be wearing the black clothes on Friday, May 17, 1996, and the White clothes on Saturday, May 18, 1996. I was also instructed to burn the black clothes after I used them. May the Lord have mercy on us.

909 17 - 21 May 1996

Read whole # on Ray's website - reason Ray had to wear White and black clothes

Note: A letter to the brothers and sisters on the e-mail list.
Hello brothers and sisters,
I have been getting e-mail from people on the e-mail list, wanting to know what happened during the White and black wearing of the Clothes from prophecy #903.

913 29 May 1996
8:30 PM

Then later during prayer that evening, the Lord showed me a White scroll and it was being opened. There weren’t any names on it yet, but it was being opened.

915 11 June 1996
10:30 AM

I  was walking home with my dog, Loretta, from the Post Office with a smile, for a few hours earlier I had only a two dollars to my name, and praising the Lord on how He had come through again. For a brother or sister had sent me a few dollars and I felt the Lord hand raising me up again. Well, during my walk down the street from the top of this hill that leads to my house, I noticed this man walking up the hill toward me. I had not noticed him until I was about half way down the hill. He was a very clean looking man and on the thin side wearing this heavy blue sweater. He had white hair and was in his fifties or sixties with a nicely trimmed short white beard. As he proceeded toward me I made sure I kept Loretta close to me on the leash because some people are afraid of dogs. Well, he walked steadily toward me without moving away and approached me with a smile. He first looked down at Loretta and smiled and then looked up at me and smiled again, but he didn’t slow down or stop. I smiled back and said hello, but he didn’t say a word. I kept wondering why he was wearing that heavy blue sweater. So I turned around to look at him again and he had vanished. He was nowhere to be seen. This was sure an exciting morning for me with a few dollars in my pocket and seeing an Angel of the Lord all in the same hour I felt my day was already complete.

917 21 June 1996
8:30 PM
# about White Candle - Link : Candle/Lamp
922 28 June 1996 # about White Light - Link : Light/Star
925 21 July 1996 # about White Candle - Link : Candle/Lamp
930 21 July 1996
7:52 AM

I believe this is referring to the church of today / people having form of godliness - own view

I was reading the Book of Matthew, and I came to the Chapter and verses: 7:21-23. And the Lord gave me a vision of a black and white snake moving over the branches of a small tree.
From the KJV Bible:
Mat 7:21
Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
Mat 7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
Mat 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

947 28 August 1996
8:00 PM

See also # 946 - own view

The Lord showed me two pull switches with White Handles. Then the Lord pulled out the first one, and said, “This is a warning. Read the Book of Isaiah.” Then the Lord said, “Beware of the second switch. Read the Book of Daniel. Read the Book of Revelation.” Later the Lord said, “Why didn’t you do it, didn’t I tell you: Thomas, Thomas, doubting Thomas - cough it up. Cough it up.”

951 30 August 1996
6:48 PM

A vision of Three shooting Cannons covered with this White tarp.

956 31 August 1996
7:24 AM

# about White House - Link : White House

953 30 August 1996
6:48 PM
# about White Candle - Link : Candle/Lamp
963 11 September 1996
10:30 AM

Then as I watched, I saw a White, almost transparent, mountain as it grew on the right side of the Line. By the way, this Sword made a Line that was large and wide like the Grand Canyon. As we were praying, the Lord said to me, “If you Love Me, you will place your face to the floor.” So my prayer partner and I laid on the floor with our hands outstretched, with our faces to the floor - and we prayed in tongues. Then soon after the Lord said, “I am.” And the minute He said those Words; my body just went crazy, and I started to weep, weep and weep. Then the Lord said, “I am,” a second time. Then my body went totally out of control. I just wept and wept, loudly. Then a third time the Lord said, “I am.” My body, my tongue, my prayer language, was totally and completely out of control. The POWER of that Word was just so incredible. I cannot even describe it in words. Crying could not even describe the effect it had on you - but you knew Who was speaking. And during the prayer, the Lord said, “I have read the branch.” Then my prayer language started up again. Then, just before it stopped, the Lord said the Words, “Esau, Esau, Esau. It is done! Ray do not worry about coyote. I will protect you.”

965 18 September 1996
4:10 PM

A vision of a still wineglass full of some White liquid, but the liquid had turbulence.

977 10 October 1996
1:46 PM
# about White House - Link : White House
978 17 October 1996
10 PM

# about White Light & Christmas Tree -  Links : Light/Star & Trees

979 17 October 1996
07:15 PM
Then the next vision, the Lord showed me four demons holding a body over their heads. This body was wrapped in white and was placed on some kind of high altar.
987 04 December 1996

# about White Candle - Link : Candle/Lamp - see also # 396 & 645 - own view

988 01 December 1996
8:00 PM

I believe this is referring to the rapture - I saw something similar - I was shown shiny dust particles - small and big - moving in the direction of the sun - own view

I saw this plant or weed. I think it is called a dandelion. At the end of its’ stem it has a round ball of white fluff or fuzz. As a child, I used to see children blowing this fuzz into the air. Well, I saw someone blow into this dandelion fuzz, and it went into the air. And this fuzz changed into little stars, and these stars flowed into the air as far as the eye could see. Then underneath of them, I saw the fins of sharks moving under them somehow. Then, I saw these little stars surround this lit torch with a bright flame. As I watched these little stars surround this torch, I saw this enormous Light like a sun appeared in the background. Then the image stopped.

993 08 December 1996
11:00 AM
# about White Candle - Link : Candle/Lamp
997 18 December 1996
3:17 PM
# about White Light -  Link : Light/Star
999 22 December 1996
5:28 PM
# about White House - Link : White House
1001 07 January 1997
10:15 PM

# about White Horse - Link : All horses

1023 19 March 1997
8:06 AM

Then the Lord gave me the vision of a white golf ball and a golf club. Then I saw the golf club hit the white golf ball. Then Lord said, “That’s how I am going to hit the planet earth.”

1036 29 April 1997
6:00 AM &
8:42 AM

Vision: 6:00 AM
A vision of a burnt out church with no roof with only partial walls standing up. On this partial opening of this one wall, I saw two ravens; one was White, one was black. Then I saw the White raven give something to the black raven. (I think it was food.) Then the vision stopped.

Vision: 8:42 AM
# about White Horse - Link : All horses (See also #1037 - own view)

1037 29 April 1997
9:01 AM

# about White Horse - Link : All horses (See also #1036 - own view) 
# about White House - Link :
White House

1038 29 April 1997
9:00 PM

The Lord gave me a vision of two figures that looked like Angels. Both figures were wearing White looking sheets or a type of White Robes. They were standing outside near a campfire or open fire. As I watched, I noticed that they pulled out this White Sheet that was as Clean and White as the Robes they were wearing. With their hands, each Angel held one corner of this open White Sheet, and they laid the White Sheet over the flames of the open fire. Then the vision stopped.

1041 07 May 1997
1:20 AM

The Lord gave me a vision of outer space. I saw a black whirlwind spinning on top of the planet earth. As I watched, I saw a White Cloud appear, and the White Cloud got bigger and bigger. It covered the whole planet until the planet earth could not be seen.

1044 08 May 1997
1:35 AM

Israel or Bride of Christ? - own view
Bible verses re stumbling block, eg (not all verses mentioned here)):
Rev 2:14  / 1 Cor 1:23 / Rom 11:9 / Ez 44:12 - Israel
1 Cor 8:9 / Rom 14:13 - Church/Bride
Italy? - as can be seen on a map - own view

A vision of a woman’s white high heel shoe with a brick in front of the shoe.

1067 26 June 1997
5:52 PM

The Lord gave me a vision of a bull’s head. All I could see was the top of the bull’s head as the bull moved from the west toward the east. The left horn of the bull caught my attention, for it was all black, except for a burgundy-red band with a white strip on each side of the burgundy-red color.

1071 13 July 1997
9:55 AM
# about White House - Link : White House
1079 25 July 1997
6 AM

The Lord showed me the twenty-four chairs of the twenty-four elders from the Book of Revelation. But the chairs were not yet filled.
From the KJV Bible:
Rev 4:4 And round about the throne were four and twenty seats: and upon the seats I saw four and twenty elders sitting, clothed in white raiment; and they had on their heads crowns of gold.

1088 27 July 1997
3:45 AM

I saw a vision of a dark black hill or a mountain with a hole on top of it, with a river of flowing bones, skulls, and arms. They were bleach white, and coming out of the top of the hill.

1089 27 July 1997
3:45 AM
# about White Cross & Star of David - Links : All crosses / Star of David
1093 27 July 1997
3:45 AM
# about White Candle - Link : Candle/Lamp
1099 28 July 1997
1:20 AM

A vision of an Egg standing on it’s point with blue and white rings around it.

1101 28 July 1997
1:20 AM

I saw a vision of a large area of darkness. It was ALL black except for a pinhole of White.

1108 08 August 1997
8:42 AM

Also look at #1007 - own view

A vision of a bright white human skull with a large diamond placed in each eye socket. The skull was sitting on top of a large wooden oak desk.

1114 27 September 1997
7:31 AM

# about White Light - Link : Light/Star

1136 18 December 1997
1:30 PM

I saw a vision of an upside down tripod holding a White Sheet.
The next image was of a black looking object or box. This black box had a white flag on two sides waving in the air asking for mercy, and trying to surrender. Later, the Lord told me the black box was a church. Then this missile came from the sky, and destroyed the black box with the two waving flags. Then I saw another black box with waving white flags, and the same thing happened to it. They were totally destroyed by these missiles from the sky. It looked like there was no such thing “As mercy,” coming from these missiles. After the above visions, more black boxes appeared, but they didn’t have waving flags, but some kind of protective dome surrounded them as they came under attack. These domes protected them from these bombing missiles.

Then I saw a single White Candle.
Then I heard the Lord say, “Look closely at the UN. (United Nations)”

About bright White Light & Ruth - Links : Light/Star / Ruth

1143 11 January 1998
8:01 AM

I had a vision of a hand. Somehow the skin of the hand was replaced. I could see some white particles of some sort going through the veins. It reminded me of the skin of a snake.

1146 20 January 1998
11:20 PM
# about White Candle - Link : Candle/Lamp
1159 18 March 1998
4:00 PM

During prayer, the Lord gave me a vision of a Large White Ball that was about 5 foot in diameter. I could see it on top of this platform, and this platform had some kind of track attached to it. As I watched this Ball, it began to roll onto this track which had all kinds of twists and turns. I could also see. the track had a loop in the middle of it. This Ball went through all the movements on the track and the vision stopped.

1162 22 March 1998
9:49 PM
# about White Candle - Link : Candle/Lamp
1165 06 April 1998

A vision of a plumb bob being held by a White Rope or String of some sort.

1166 14 April 1998
9:45 PM

These are the different types of Mary's (Madonna) - only the last one refers to the mother of Jesus - the others are counterfeits (see Jack Barr page for articles I sent him) - see also Mary link - own view

The Lord gave a vision of a Madonna (mother and child). As I watched this vision, I saw hundreds or maybe thousands of black birds flying in the air. They looked like one black moving cloud, as they moved from the right to left.

Then the next vision was of another Madonna (Mother and Child), but this one was a little smaller.

Then the next image was, of a grave with a gray headstone. In front of the gravestone (where the dirt covers the body on the ground), looked black or charcoal in color. 

Then the next image was of another Madonna. The face looked like it was not there. There was no face, only a black shadow where the face should be.

Then the next image was of another grave next to the previous grave (grave with gray headstone). Except this other grave had a pure White headstone, and it had many, many beautiful fresh colorful flowers (every color you could think of), were in front of it. It was so beautiful and clean. Then the image stopped!

1173 03 June 1998
12:15 AM
# about White Candle - Link : Candle/Lamp
1177 09 June 1998
4:30 PM

During prayer the Lord gave me a vision of an Eagle flying and casting a WHITE SHADOW!

1192 20 August 1998
8:00 AM

Remember in all of those prophecies where I mentioned the fly. I do not think you have enough wings to fly away from My Hand. For I will swash you like a fly with the rest of the goats! Remember the ten virgins, which five are you! The part of the Body that is not going to make it! - Or the half that is going to be at the wedding supper. Remember My Words! Remember My Hands! For I am dead serious on the things of God! If you want to play church I will send you to a place to play church at. If you want to seek My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, if you seek Me, Jehovah, if you seek the Holy Spirit, I will send you to the wedding supper with a bright new White Garment. Remember My Words, remember the Bible, remember the wrath of God, remember Matthew 24, remember the ten virgins, remember the Book of Revelation, all that is before you. I have clearly stated it. I have clearly had it written, so don’t come before Me telling Me you did not know! When you tried to stone My Reymundo. When you tried to run after the devil for the luxuries of this planet, of the world. For I do not forget a thing, I read your heart. I know you better than you know yourself. So be it! So be it! So be it!”

1197 29 August 1998
3:35 PM

The Lord gave me a vision of some fabric. It could have been a flag but I am not sure. There were three horizontal bands of color that covered the material. The top band of color was red and it extended down to almost the middle, next was a narrow white stripe, then a wide band of green covered the bottom.

1212 06 October 1998
1:00 PM
# about White Horse - Link : All horses

Then I sensed being taken into… I do not know - this higher realm, Heaven maybe (outside the galaxy). I could see many spirits, which look like white clouds, and they could fly. I saw many, many, many of these white clouds or spirits move about. This was very, very strange. This place did not seem to have a ground as we know it.

Then I saw this enormous Light coming over and through these moving white clouds or spirits. This mountain of White Light seems to cover these spirits or white clouds as it moves towards me from my right side. I could also see some kind turbulence with these spirits as the White Light moved over them. I believe this was Jehovah moving over Heaven. I also could sense this enormous Power. Then, when the Light passed by me, my left hand came down to my side on the top of the bed.
1229 27 January 1999
9:20 AM

A vision of a White Shoe Polish Applicator applying black shoe polish to a shoe, but the White Shoe Polish Applicator remains White in color.

1234 12 February 1999
10:00 PM

When we prayed for the San Francisco Vineyard church
The Lord gave me a vision of a large white sheet being held at each of the four corners. There was a big black ball in the center of the white sheet, and the black ball was being thrown up, and down by whomever was holding the white sheet from its corners.
Then we began to pray for other things on our prayer list
The Lord gave me an image of a clean White Beach with a White Candle in the air over the White Beach. Then the Lord said, “Go to the Beach!” (The White Candle represented Jesus standing over the Beach or the Body of Christ.) This made me think of the scriptures about the sand.

From King James Bible:
Gen 22:17
That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies;
Gen 32:12 And thou saidst, I will surely do thee good, and make thy seed as the sand of the sea, which cannot be numbered for multitude.

Then this White Candle changed into Jesus Christ walking along the sand. At one point I could see His footsteps make impressions on the sand. Each grain of sand was a Christian. The Lord was showing me that these foot impressions were His callings on individual believers or the burdens He had placed on believers carrying their cross. By Him making the foot impression on the grains of sand, also meant He was their covering. Then Ron mentioned the scripture:

2 Tim 3:12 Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.
2 Tim 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

1241 22 February 1999
12:45 AM

The Lord gave me the same end time vision (#2. Vision) from 1990.
2. Visions given to Raymond Aguilera on 18 July 1990
Then out of nowhere a new planet appeared, but this planet was three to four times bigger than the planet Earth. It had a bright white light on the outside of it with a dark center.

1250 06 March 1999
3:30 PM

# about White Light - Link : Light/Star

1254 17 March 1999
7:30 AM
# about White Light - Link : Light/Star - also as mentioned in #1327
1260 19 March 1999
2:30 AM

See also #1256 about this man whose nose was cut off - own view

Then the Lord gave me a vision of some high-ranking army official. He looked like some army officer from an Eastern Block country for he had a large wide and high military looking hat. He also had many gold military metals on his collars and chest. He also had white hair. As he walked, I was placed above him in the spirit, and I watched him as he moved through this open area in a town or city. The day was sunny and beautiful. I saw other soldiers walk by this military officer, I guess he is a very high official and important in the military by the way the other soldiers acknowledged him. Then the Lord said, “This is the man who belongs to the nose that was cut off.” (over)

1261 19 March 1999
11:20 AM

The Lord gave me a vision of four Jets on top of an aircraft carrier and they look white in color.

1262 20 March 1999
4:10 AM
# about White Horse - Link : All horses 
# about White Dove - Link : Dove
1294 28 March 1999
3:12 PM

Now I see something that has the shape of an Egg. This object is half-white in color and the other half is dark gray. Then this egg looking object tips up and stands on its end, and a single drop of “something”, drops onto the earth.

1327 09 May 1999
5 PM
# about White Light - Link : Light/Star - also as mentioned  in #1254
1354 14 July 1999
5:15 AM

During prayer the Lord showed me a field with many dead farm workers (men and women) on the ground with their tools still in their hands. The ground was still barren with nothing growing. By their white clothes and hats they looked like they were from Mexico or South America. I do not know if something in the ground or in the air killed them.

1357 29 July 1999
1:15 AM
# about White Light - Link : Light/Star
1373 25 July 1999 Israel Anointing Mission trip

Then I had a vision of six or seven horses drinking out of a trough with a white liquid inside. This liquid was white in color like milk.

1375 26 July 1999

Israel Anointing Mission trip

The Lord said to me, "You have to surrender your heart".
Then the Lord gave me a vision of an arrow tip with a white ribbon tied to it (just behind the sharp tip).

1379 29 July 1999
6:35 PM
Israel Anointing Mission trip

# about White Candle - Link : Candle/Lamp
1386 31 July 1999 # about Grey-tan horse with white coloured forehead - Link : All horses
1400 07 August 1999
10:15 PM
# about Bright White Light - Link : Light/Star
1401 08 August 1999
5:00 PM

See also # 1501 - own view

During prayer, the Lord showed me a bright White Door with no doorknob. It had a metal lattice around the top and the sides of the Door.

1424 20 November 1999
11:45 PM
# about White Light - Link : Light/Star

I see a vision of a woman's hand wearing an engagement ring with a stone in the band. The hands are white and the fingers are small or at least the fingers look small, for this thin ring is as large as the diameter of a half a dollar. This woman could almost put three or four fingers inside of this thin ring.

Referring to the Bride of Christ / calling is small - the Bride too small for ring to fit - the white hand refers to pureness of Bride? - own view

1428 03 December 1999
6:39 AM

Referring to Barak? - See #1616 & 1620 - own view

The Lord gave me a vision of Caesarea, Israel, then He said, "The covenant with the devil was made under the stands at Caesarea."
The Lord gave me a vision of a white coffee cup with a crack in it.

1436 29 December 1999
1:30 AM

During prayer the Lord gave me a vision of His left Eye. As I looked deeply into His pupil, I saw a small-reflected white dot. This reflection was what He was looking at, behind me. I cannot explain it, but somehow the Lord was showing me all the stars, worlds and galaxies that He ever made, wrapped-up in this little white dot. As I looked closely into His Eye, I could see this massive deep black void around this very, very small white dot in His left eye. It was frightening, for this gave me some idea of the magnitude of God in relation to all the universes that we believe we know. A very strange, but yet very powerful vision of God, being way beyond what we would ever think.

1440 18 January 2000 # about White Horse - Link : All horses
1441 21 January 2000 # about White Light - Link : Light/Star
1442 23 January 2000 # about White Horse - Link : All horses
1446 29 January 2000

Letter to the e-mail list:
Hello Brothers and Sister,
I have a prayer request. Friday, my car died again after 235,000 miles. I have a line of credit with my mortgage lender, but I used most of that money to pay for my father's funeral last month. This is my prayer request - I have asked them to lend me $3,000 to replace the engine in my car. My problem is this: Very little money has come in for the South America Mission Trip and I am beginning to feel guilty to use this borrowed money for my car. If I use this money for my car I will not be able to borrow anymore if I am lacking funds for the South America Mission trip. The moneylender said they would let me know about the loan on Monday, January 31.
I have prayed for an answer and all the Lord gave me was a vision of a White Nest. A Nest with white straw surrounded by a White Light with baby rabbits, chickens, and other baby animals in the nest. Well, I guess that is all - God bless you all.
Yours in Christ,

1447 02 February 2000

Then I saw a vision of a mountain. The top third was sliced with some kind of white sharp sheet that went right through the mountain horizontally. It cut the mountain like a knife. But the mountain stayed together. You could actually see the place where the mountain was sliced.

1460 17 February 2000

During prayer I saw a peeled banana laying on its side.
Then a vision of a top hat. On one side of the top hat there was the number 3.
Then I saw a white ball rolling down the cliffs of Dover, in England. The ball was or looked like a rock.

1461 17 February 2000
8:20 PM

Then I saw a white rose.

1465 20 February 2000
7 PM

As I understand this : the person (woman?)  speaking on the phone is wearing a necklace, white with some stones - same as #1466? - own view

I had a vision of a pair of shoes. Then as I watched, I saw a pair of scissors cut off the part of the shoes where the toes are suppose to be.
Then the Lord showed me a vision of a telephone. 
Then there was a vision of a necklace with a hidden microphone in it. The necklace was white with some stones in it. 

1466 22 February 2000
3:05 PM

I had a vision of the bottom of a man's feet. It seemed like I was below the ground level, and looking up at his black feet. This man looked like he was 2 miles tall, but the bottoms of his feet were black, as if they were painted, and he was a white man. It looked like he was wearing farm clothes too.

I saw the eyes of a white woman. Her eyes were closed, like she did not want to open them. I could not see the nose, only the eyes. They were not tightly closed, almost as if they were glued shut.

I saw a black stick with a hook, as if it was trying to hook something. The hook was either gold colored or made of gold.

A vision of the same hook as above, except it is around a woman's white necklace, and it is pulling this woman by the throat.
(See also #1465 - same woman? - own view)

The Lord said, "Leave it alone! Leave it alone! Leave it alone!

1468 23 February 200
3:40 PM
# about White Light - Link : Light/Star

I saw this lizard wrap his whole body around this white, glowing, fluorescent ball.
1470 25 February 2000
12:40 PM

During prayer the Lord showed me a large round outdoor water fountain. From the center of the fountain and underneath the water came a woman carrying a child. The woman and the child's clothes were bright fluorescent white. The child was about one year old.

1473 28 February 2000
7:20 PM

# about Bright White Light - Link : Light/Star

1483 02 April 2000
1 AM
# about Bright White Light - Link : Light/Star
1501 09 May 2000
6:30 PM

See also #1401 - own view

Then I saw this Door to Heaven. But what was so strange was the Door shape looked like one of my house doors. This Door to Heaven was so CLEAN and pure White. I could not believe anything could be that clean and white looking. Then I saw this Golden Doorknob on the Door. The Doorknob was also very CLEAN and shiny yellow. I could not comprehend how CLEAN everything was. As I watched this, I noticed that the Golden Doorknob was being removed from the Door.

1518 29 June 2000
8:45 PM
Then as my eyes were drawn above the loud worshiping people, I began to sense a very strong Presence of the Holy Spirit.  As the Holy Spirit began to get stronger I saw a White Cloud filled the whole Church.
1524 05 July 2000
11:30 AM
# about White Light - Link : Light/Star
1525 05 July 2000
4:50 PM

During South American Anointing Mission trip

"Go, good and faithful servants."
I saw an image from outer space, of a figure, which was pure white. It was as if the figure was looking down over an edge of some sort. (I could see the figure from the waist to the head)

1550 11 September 2000
3:30 PM
I had a vision of a dog, urinate white urine. It had the look of milk.
1572 07 January 2001
3:31 PM

Vision of a white mailbox with the door opening and closing.

1573 12 January 2002
1:30 PM

The Lord showed me a distance hill with a white crooked road going downhill.
The Lord gave me a vision of a sitting spotted leopard with white eyes.

1576 15 January 2001
10:15 AM

The Lord gave me a vision of the capital letter "V", and it was filled with White wine. I believe it was communion wine. 

1579 19 January 2001
8:30 PM
# about white horse (referring to church) - Link : All horses
1582 30 January 2001
8 AM
# about Bright White Light - Link : Light/Star
1584 05 February 2001

The Lord gave me a vision of a white Egg with arrows being shot at it. But the arrow tips were made of those rubber suction tips that stick on glass. I could see several arrows stuck on the surface of the egg, but the eggshell was not broken.

1586 05 February 2001
7:30 PM

The Lord gave me a vision of a walking dark horse, which had the feet of a man. I could see that the hair above the horse's (man looking) feet was white and went up about 6 inches on each leg. They sort of looked like socks, but it was white horse hair. This was a very strange looking horse.

1591 08 February 2001
6:40 PM

The Lord gave me a vision of a white bat with black eyes in a dark cave.

1595 18 February 2001

The Lord said, "The ark of Texas. Texas is a lonely State." Then the Lord said, "Where there is shit there are flies" Then the Lord said, "He is quite a warrior."
Then the Lord gave me a vision of a large pearl about as large as a bowling ball. I could see this ball rolling down this ramp.
Then the Lord said, "Caramba!" (Spanish word meaning - good gracious!)
The Lord said, "There is going to be a car with a rifle. Then the Lord said, "Watch
the rifle!"
Then I saw a white stopped-up (plugged) cannon.

1596 19 February2001
3 AM

I saw a vision of a white horse raising its front legs into the air and kicking as I saw thousands of dark creatures moving in front of the horse.
I asked the Lord, "Why am I here? (South America)
The Lord said, "Because there is a spiritual war within the rectangular area that you saw in South America.
I said, "Why is there a spiritual war there?
The Lord said, "Because of the red army."
I said, "The red army!"
The Lord said, "Yes the red army."
Later the Lord said, "Because of the conference."

1603 08 March 2001
8:30 AM

During my prayer the Lord gave me a vision of a plastic bucket full of water with a metal handle with a White Strip of plastic in the center of the bucket handle.
Then the Lord said, "Reymundo, you are the metal handle and you are holding up the Water for Christians to drink. Hang on My little son."
Then the Lord showed me a White bathtub full of water in the air.
Then the Lord said, "What are you going to do when the small plastic bucket changes into the White Bathtub of Water?
Frankly, I do not know! This ministry, money, personal, and health problems are just too much for me right now. If I could only stop for a little while and rest, but where can one go and hide from God and the world. I guess that is all for now.

1612 20 April 2001
9 PM
# about White Light & White Flame- Link : Light/Star
1646 07 September 2001
3:00 PM
The Lord gave me a vision of a computer monitor with a black screen. I could see that someone was drawing the Face of Jesus Christ in White. I saw the eyebrows and eyes being placed on the Face then the nose and mouth. But as the mouth was finished I saw it open and set of railroad tracks came out of the Lord's mouth and the vision stopped.
1648 12 September 2001
4:23 AM

During prayer, I told the Lord that I was sorry for not posting His catastrophe prayer request last month. Then the Lord said, "I did not tell you to post it." I only told you to pray!"
Then the Lord said, "There will be one more. The moon will become dark, beware of the owl."
Then the Lord gave me a vision of what looked like some kind of white looking dummy driving or behind the wheel of a vehicle.

1651 06 October 2001
8:20 PM
The Lord showed me a long White Fence that went far off into the distance.  As I looked at this Fence I saw some kind of creature with his back touching the White Fence.  This creature had the head of a goat with a man's body.  I could see that he was somehow hooked onto the Fence by his neck, for he could not pull himself off the Fence. 
1653 15 October 2001
10 PM
Bible verse example : (own view)
2 Cor 11:14
And no marvel; for satan himself is transformed into an angel of light

A Word for Carl G.:
Make yourself strong for you will be tested.  What looks white to you might not be white.  The staff is ready and I am going to tell you when and where to strike it.  Strike it three times.  But you have to focus and be ready for the time is near.  And do not be afraid of the red iron poker.  That is all for tonight!
1668 26 December 2001 While I was watching a documentary on Israel about Bible scripture, I began to pray in the spirit.  During this prayer the Lord gave me vision of a white tyre stuck upright in the mud in this river or lake.  I could see that only one-third of the white tyre was above the waterline.
1669 30 December 2001 I had a very vivid dream of two cows.  The first cow was white, but had the marking of a modern art painting with spots and colored areas with a few lines.  This cow was eating grass slowly.  The cow seemed at peace and tranquil as it ate grass.

The second cow was tan or brown in color and it was eating grass too, but it seemed more unsettled.  I could see that it was walking very slowly as it ate the grass.