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Jack Barr / Ron Viessman
1136 18 December 1997
1:30 PM

Then I saw what looked like a metal medallion or broach with a figure of a cat on it. What was so unusual; it reminded me of the Ford Mercury Cat Logo that you see on their cars. This medallion was around someone’s neck with a gold chain. What I sensed in the spirit was - that whoever was wearing this medallion had something to do with this war or it was this company, but I am not really sure. But there was some kind of association with this cat and this war, I was seeing.


Then I saw a single White Candle. Then I heard the Lord say, "Look closely at the UN. (United Nations)"

1400 07 August 1999
10:15 PM

During prayer the Lord said, "What went up will come back down!"

Then I was given a vision of a Bright Light. And two Menorahs were facing this White Light.


Then I was given a vision of the United Nations Flag crossed with the United States Flag. They made an X in the air. (over)

2139 14 November 2012 at 3:22 PM

Satan's rabid dogs are on the loose. They are seeking all they can control. All their canine teeth are pointed and sharp. The dog packs love the innocent to devour. The heart of Satan is fixated on the Body of Christ, trying to divide and conquer.

The Body of Jesus has to stay focused on the end times. Remember, as the leaves change, so does the season. Europe is going to fall apart and the eastern countries are going to try to take over. Bombs and more bombs. Deaths upon deaths are coming your way. The dark days are coming, and are very close. Do not fall asleep during these times. Pray and keep praying for yourself and your loved ones. The United Nations is falling in line with Satan's plans. The weather will change and kill many more.

Do not fight with your brothers and sisters. Band together and pray with the Power of the Holy Spirit. Iceland will explode into the sky. The world will become a free for all, and the rabid dogs are on the loose. Read the Bible daily. So be it! So be it! So be it!