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REV 12 : 3-17 / 13:4, 11 / 20:2 / EZ 29:3 / 32:2 / IS 27:1 / 51:9 / JER 51:5

53 17 May 1992
1:19 AM
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This is referring to the devil, satan, lucifer - when Jesus get rid of him once and for all (after 1 000 years reign of Jesus - the final war) - my own view

parrot and the sword will come to an end on that day. For the parrot is a blasphemous thing that I will not allow. Watch for the parrot, the parrot that repeats and repeats the blasphemy. The parrot will be the end of the end. Watch for the parrot. So I said it, so it will be done, for Russia is the hog, for Russia is the hog. Come to Heaven My Saints. Come to Heaven where there is Peace, Tranquillity forever. So saith, Jehovah. So saith Jehovah, for it will be complete when My Son slays the dragon, once and for all.
151 09 July 1992
8:38 AM
At the present time I am seeing some ugly looking thing with an ugly face almost like a dragon's face with beady eyes. Someone just cut its head off and they are holding it up. Showing it to whoever is around. This whole thing is bizarre! My hand is getting numb.
154 12 July 1992
5:37 PM
Note : 3 heads, 2 tails - if this is same dragon as mentioned in #1652 (Al Qaeda being one tail of the dragon) - then the 2nd tail  must be another person / organisation / country - own view

3 of 10 horns will be subdued - 7 left - anti-christ is in other words the 7th and the devil who will enter anti-christ will be the 8th -  look at the tiger in #1599 & 1629 -  the tiger (who wants to be the last one) might be one of the kings subdued? - see also the bear 
who also wants to be the last one -  (but he is not,  but working with beast) - my own view

Before I go further - if you look at Rev 17:16 - it says that the 10 horns shall hate the whorePolitical Babylon = America) and will make her desolate - this tells me that the war of 10 kings with America has to take place first before 3 kings (horns) will be subdued and only then the anti-christ will appear.  Rev 17:12 says all 10 received power with the beast for 1 hour (note Babylon, Statue of Liberty - in 1 hour) - thus saying, before 3 kings subdued, is taking part in this war against America

I see something like
a two-headed dragon - no, it has three heads. It has three heads and I believe it has two tails. I don't know... What is going on? I'll just keep on praying. I feel this tingling sensation on my body. I just don't know! I just don't know! What is going on? I feel like I got stabbed in the neck. I was going to record it and something said, "Don't record it." Something tells me I should.
348 10 September 1993
9:30 PM
This angel refers to the devil - he was a beautiful angel and changed into a dragon - my own view

I saw a vision of an angel with beautiful long wings. The wings look like they are made of feathers. I am seeing the angel from the back. I can see the wings hang five to six feet below his body as he is in the air. Now I see a pair of scissors appear from nowhere and cut off the bottom of the wings at ground level or at the level of his feet. The next image is of a dragon with a number of heads and each head is going in every direction.
669 07 January 1995
9:15 AM
Please read whole #

This was a very strong and powerful vision and prophecy. It shook me up. The reality of it was so strong, so vivid, that I knew it was from the Lord. It frightened me to actually see the image or the idol of beast. And right now as I am recording this on tape I see an image of a
winged dragon in the spirit. I guess that's all. (over)  
866 27 February 1996
8:15 PM
The Lord showed me this dragon with its tail moving slowly up and down almost like a whip. (over)
I was shown two speedboats racing side-by-side over the water. (over) 
I saw the dragon's head again. (over)
893 04 April 1996
1:30 AM
The Power of God will manifest itself upon the people, on the righteous - upon the pure and the clean, at the allotted time. But the rest, the dragon will clean/ purify, through the trials and tribulations. For the dragon will be used as an instrument of God to purge the evil, the wickedness, from the ones that are not obeying the Lord or walking in His statutes (the Christians who are saved that are the prodigal sons of the Lord Jehovah). (over)
909 17 - 21 May 1996
Then the Lord showed me a vision of a large dragon that reminded me of a dragon's head you see on a Chinese New Year. The only difference was it had a man in it's mouth, from the head down to his waist. All I could see was the lower part of the man with the dragon trying to eat him headfirst. After hearing this, I was left completely overwhelmed; and wondering what in the heck is going on, and what's next. Now this morning my computer is making funny noises.
1074 22 July 1997
8:04 AM
Who are those who come against you My son? Who are those who confront you, who blaspheme the Name of the Lord by their wicked ways? Who are those who dare confront the Lord; God Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit, with their evil manners, their evil thoughts? Stand firm My son, for you are on the side of righteousness. Be bold, be strong, for the hour is approaching that My Son will appear on the eastern sky with the Power and the Might of Heaven, with the Power and the Might of the Throne of God. Who are these people who dare confront their God with the words of the devil, the serpent, the dragon of the pit? Mark My Words - nothing in the universe will stop Jehovah. Nothing that man can do or think - or plan, will have anyway of affecting the Word of God. What the Lord has said will happento the Point, to the Letter.
1109 29 August 1997
1:14 PM
See also that South America will be hit 3 x by the devil (#1211 - starting on 01 March) - my own view
During prayer, the Lord showed me a vision of a battle with a dragon. This dragon was fighting many of the Lord’s Angels. As the battles progressed, the dragon used the back of it’s tail and struck the Continent of South America. (over)
1212 06 October 1998
1:00 PM
The next image was of a serpent that closed its mouth very fast onto these dark clouds. It looks almost like a dragon with smoke coming from the sides of its mouth or like it ate something.
1380 29 July 1999
7:40 PM
A vision of a dragon, and its face or head was facing me, eye to eye. In the spirit, I could see it moving its tail as if it wanted to strike me. (over)  
1507 03 June 2000
4 PM
Then I saw this figure of a man (I believe it was me), and this large dragon sprang-up and its whole mouth came down around this figure of a man and tried to swallow the man without success.  
1543 03 August 2000
8:45 PM
During worship the Lord gave me a vision of a dragon flying through the air doing aerial tricks. As I looked closer, I could see a man riding on the back of this dragon. It looked like this dragon really cared for this man for they were doing cartwheels and all kinds of aerial acrobatics. As I watched I saw them land on the ground and the man climbed down onto the ground and began to walkway. As he walked away with his back to the dragon, the dragon wrung his large tail and hit the man real hard. (over)
1599 24 February 2001
2:30 PM
Red Dragon (Bible reference : Rev 12) - I noticed that when somebody / something is eating somebody/something, then it means the person/country has lost its power - in other words the devil rules those persons/countries - notice that red dragon is wearing a crown (8th king when he enters the body of the anti-christ) as stated in Revelation - see #1629 & 1652 below - my own view

The Lord gave me a vision of
a red dragon wearing a crown and eating a tiger head first.
1608 03 April 2001
11:45 AM
See also baseball / GW Bush - own view

I want you to take this into your heart; there will be a time coming in the near future when the peace will be broken. The star will come, the fighting will begin, the end is around the corner. The Fox has begun his deadly journey to the pit, the horse will help him! Remember the dragon. Remember the end of this world!
1629 28 May 2001
3:00 PM
See also 1599 above and 1652 below 
During prayer time I saw the profile of a
tiger's head. It had its mouth wide open. From where I stood I could see in between its fangs and out on the other side through its open mouth. On the other side there was a curved body of a serpent, but I don't know if the body was attached to the tiger's head or not. The serpent's body was sliding over this sharp Rock, and as it moved over the Rock, the Rock cut into the side of the serpent's body leaving a large deep cut. Then my eyes focused back on the tiger's head and I noticed it had changed into a dragon's head. And then as I focused back on the body of the serpent that I could see through the dragon's wide, open mouth, it had now changed into a tail of a dragon.
1652 15 October 2001
10:25 AM
See also # 1599 & 1629 above
We all know that Al Qaeda is Bin Laden's organisation - so, he has a "minor" part to play and is being used - the fox will be executed by the beast - see also end-time false prophet (more detail)


The Lord said, "Al Qaeda is the tail of the dragon." (over)