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234 26 November 1992
10:33 AM

I see the image of an eagle, standing on top of a hill, but it doesn't have wings. It has human arms and hands. The eagle is holding its arms and hands behind him. They are not tied. The eagle is just looking down this hill, and below the hill, I see the Eiffel Tower of Paris. It's a very dark brown eagle. The Lords says, "Car'ma. Car'ma, My son. Car'ma, My son." (I don't know the meaning of the Word Car'ma. The word that came in Spanish tongues.)

I have an image of a creature with a mouth filled with crooked, jagged teeth. I have never seen a mouth with so many jagged teeth. It has its mouth open.

I see an image of a shield and a crutch.

384 02 November 1993
1:45 AM

There are more #'s about this lady/girl and will be done on separate page (woman/lady/girl/daughter) - (#385, 387, 388) - own view

It is over there. It is over there. It is over there. The lady with the brown hair, she is over there. (Non-understandable tongue) I know... I know everything that has happened. I know everything, with the man, and the little girl. I know the things of the man. Eat all that is. Eat everything that is. Yes. Eat everything that has Happened. Eat everything. (Non-understandable tongue) She is there. She is there. She is there. (Non-understandable tongues).

401 05 February 1994
12 noon

I see a mountain peak with the top covered with bright white snow and with brown and black colors at the base.

531 16 August 1994
3:11 PM

Then I saw a brown bag that was tied at the top with a black string, and it was being held over the planet.

907 10 May 1996
10:00 AM

The Lord showed me a reddish brown soft leather suitcase the kind you take on airplanes. Then the Lord said, "Inside the suitcase there is a nuclear device."

1007 03 February 1997
9 AM

I had a vision of a man of dark complexion, of medium height, about 5’-7”, with a mustache, and a short beard cut close to the skin with short dark hair. He appeared to be about 30 - 35 years of age, but what struck me unusual were his eyes. When I first saw him; they were dark brown or black. As I looked closer both eyes changed and looked like large cut diamonds the size of normal eyeballs. Both diamonds were embedded into the eye sockets of his head. It was very strange to see a person look like that.

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1054 02 June 1997
2:37 PM

The Lord gave me a vision of a beach, and on the brown sandy shore, there were piles and piles of dead baby pigs. These pigs were pink in color. 

1084 26 July 1997
3:30 AM

I see an image of Jesus Christ walking behind a light complexioned man with reddish-brown hair, and kind of balding on the top, with a mustache. This man is somewhere in his forty’s.

1442 23 January 2000

During prayer I saw a brown saddle being placed on a white horse. As I looked at this horse, I remembered the white horse I saw a few days earlier. This white horse was wearing a golden and jeweled bridle, but what looked like some kind of metal horn was attached to the forehead of the horse. Maybe the bridle was used to hold it in place, but I could not see this from where I was viewing this vision. Then I saw myself climbing on the brown saddle and onto the white horse and carrying this long shiny sword. As I looked at myself on this horse, I noticed this white horse was ready for battle, for it was wearing some kind of battle gear too. I kept looking at this and saw myself ride the horse to this embankment overlooking this valley, but I was not allowed to see into the valley below. Then the vision stopped.

1449 03 February 2000
7 PM

A wolf – changes to a bat – then a frog – then a bear. The bear was tied around the shoulders and was pulled up. Then another bear replaced that bear, and it had a brown head and chest. The bear's head looked like an American bear, but it also looked like a panda bear, or had the colors of a panda bear. A strange looking bear. 
Then the ground (the spiritual ground) began to shake.

1509 12 June 2000

Then I saw a donkey or jackass from behind. This was a very strange sight because it looked like the donkey was painted black with paint from it's rear end down to it's hoofs. The only thing that was left unpainted was its body and tail. It looked like it had backed up against a freshly painted black wall. I cannot explain why the brown tail did not get any paint on it. Maybe someone just painted the donkey that way

1522 03 July 2000
12:30 AM
During South American Anointing Mission trip

Then I saw a river of gold.
Then the Lord said, "There is going to be a river of gold in Brazil. Then after the river  of gold there is going to be a river of blood."
Then the Lord gave me a vision of gray steps (marble stone colored) leading up to some place.
Then I saw a large golden brown colored pig with a flat snout. I could see that someone was pulling the pig by a rope that was tied around the pig's snout.
Then the Lord said, "Stay focused, stay pointed, the demonic forces are strong."
1639 03 July 2001

Then the Lord gave me a vision of someone riding a brown horse. Then we prayed for my friend in Australia and the Lord said, "What will fall - will rise again!" 

1669 30 December 2001 I had a very vivid dream of two cows.  The first cow was white, but had the marking of a modern art painting with spots and colored areas with a few lines.  This cow was eating grass slowly.  The cow seemed at peace and tranquil as it ate grass.

The second cow was tan or brown in color and it was eating grass too, but it seemed more unsettled.  I could see that it was walking very slowly as it ate the grass. (over)