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254 17 December 1992
9:59 AM

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I am having a vision of someone signing a paper and they're using a golden pen. I don't know what they're signing, but I think it's political. I believe it has to do with power.

I see people standing around this desk watching him sign. I am having a vision of a star and a second vision of a star with a circle. Two stars, one is overlaid, over the other. I am seeing things, but I am not receiving them.

Something is blocking My comprehension of what they are. It's hard to explain.

There is a big window behind this desk. It has squares with curtains. The curtains are gray blue in color and are behind the man that's writing with the golden pen. I don't really know, but I believe it's the White House in Washington, DC. I am seeing something unusual and hard to explain. I see a circle with the U.S Eagle with the stars around the circle. Then it changes into a Satanic pentagram.

I am seeing a large room and in front of this desk there is a rug with a round image of the American Eagle emblem on it.

There are three couches and I have the impression that it was the room that President Kennedy used, for I just had an image of him sitting on one of the couches. The walls are white and there are double doors leading in to the room.

There are other large windows to the left of the fireplace as you're facing it with two glass doors leading to the outside grounds. I just don't know if it's the
White House, but I believe it is. I can see and hear the people talking. It must be a government meeting of some sort. These people have government written all over them. I can't understand what they are saying, but their behavior leads me to believe that they are witnessing the signing of something important. I keep seeing this star. This five pointed star.

Now I see a six-pointed star.

I see the center of a single eye deep into the pupil. A piercing looking eye. I keep sensing the name of Israel, Israel, Israel, Israel. Now I see an emblem, which looks similar to the one doctor's use. I don't know if it's the same emblem, but it has a snake wrapped around a staff. I see someone holding an umbrella and the wind is blowing them horizontally.

I see two very thick claws. I think there is a bird, but I can't see the bird. But the claws are very thick. Like what you would see on a statue but its not a statue.

(Non-understandable tongues?) secretary (Non-understandable tongues?)

I hear and I see sirens like you would hear in an air raid. I see an enormous, enormous nuclear blast. I see the ground shaking. I see buildings and roofs flying all over the place. There was this enormous flash the sound is incredible.  My God it's enormous!

I see these fighter jets flying in the sky. I think they have the star with the circle on the tail end of the plane. I see planes landing on an aircraft carrier (Non-understandable tongues?) I see helicopters. I see jets with their wings collapsed, they are folding them and lowering them into the carrier. (Non-understandable tongues?) I see missiles coming out of the ocean and flying into the sky. My God, I think I am seeing the new War.

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There is another nuclear blast, I see the eye of a Lion. I see people terrified with fear, they're running and hiding. They're confused and don't know what to do. They're crying. They're screaming. There is total chaos. They don't know where to run or hide. I can see this steady marching of this army and they are marching without a wasted movement, approaching this town. The people are going crazy. They're screaming and praying to their God.

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These people know they are going to die. I see them praying. I see them crying. Women with their kids and husbands with their wives in each others arms totally and completely terrified. There is rubble all over and all kinds of noises, sounds, and bewilderment. (My God, do I need to see any more, please release me!) (Non-understandable tongues)

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I see another nuclear blast, I can see it from the sky looking down. It's enormous, but I mean it's enormous! I don't know where it went off.

View of nuclear exploision from the air.

I see this burning cross made of branches of a tree. Someone set it on fire. (Non-understandable tongues?) seeds (Non-understandable tongues?)

Remember My Words My Children. Remember My Words. This is your Father Jehovah with the Son and the Holy Spirit. Read the Bible, and Study. Look for your brothers and sisters in the streets. Repent of your sins. For you will see. For you will live through what My Prophet has seen. Make yourselves strong. Be wise! Read the Bible. Look for My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth. For We will protect you through the trials, through the tribulations. No matter what happens, never forget your God, Jehovah, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. For I am bringing to a close this little Planet with its evil ways.

Remember My Words. "When the Leaves of the Fig Tree change," " Like a thief in the Night," so say it, Jehovah.

Fig tree : See Matt 24:32 / Mark 13:28
Like a thief in the night : See 1 Thess 5:2 / 2 Pet 3:10

501 13 July 1994
2:23 AM

This will take place in the White House ?? - my own view
During prayer, I had a vision of a maid serving at a big party or banquet. I can see men in their tuxedos standing in front of this large fireplace. Somehow I am viewing this banquet from the high ceiling and looking down from the upper right corner of the room. For some reason my eyes locked onto the maid as she was serving. I saw her at the table pick up a large kitchen knife and place it under the serving tray she was carrying. As she walked among the guests holding this knife under the tray, I saw one of the men near the fireplace walk over to her for a drink or something and as he approached her, she took the knife and stabbed him in the stomach or chest. When this happened the other men caught the stabbed man and carried him to the other side of the room while others grabbed the maid. The maid was a little on the heavy side and was wearing a black uniform. I believe she was wearing a head piece also. It looked as if it was an important party and an important man. This man was standing in front of a fireplace talking with, I believe, three other men before the stabbing. The maid looked between 35 to 45 years of age.
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733 21 May 1995
8:37 AM

I see a graveyard with many gravestones to one side of the White House in Washington DC. (over)

746 08 June 1995
5:12 AM

The house of white is going to fall. Hear Me with your ears and look with your eyes, all that you have read. The White House is going to fall to the point with the force of the devil. The flames of the United States have arrived. It has arrived, all that I have told you in the prophecies. It has arrived for I don't lie, to the point, to the letter. This is the Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit.

I know that you still have your eyes closed and your ears closed because you don't want to hear the Word of God, but I am telling you the truth and to the point. The White House is going to fall rapidly. You believe that you know it all. You believe you know the Manner of God. I am telling you this minute; "You don't know a thing.", and I am going to show you with the Force of MY WORD!, with the Force of the Holy Spirit, with the Force of My Son. This is your Father.

The people of the churches of the United States are deaf. They believe they know, the manner, the way of God, the One who made all, with the WORD, with the Force of the Holy Spirit. I am going to awaken you. Did you HEAR ME? You are going to get mad, but I am going to awaken you, because you are asleep, and you are not doing what I have told you. You are going to CRY, but I am telling you this minute with My WORD, that you have to change.

You have to seek your Father with the Force of the Holy Spirit.  Open your eyes. Open your ears, before the White House falls because you are going to begin to suffer. You believe because you are so intelligent, that you are going to know, but you don't know a thing. Put it on your calendar. It has arrived the Flame of Heaven, the Force of the Holy Spirit. Yes! This is the WORD of your Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit, with My prophet Reymundo. (over)

770 10 July 1995
8:25 AM

The Lord showed me a vision of a large beach umbrella with a few chairs, but they were on the edge of a sharp rocky cliff. The setup was near the ocean waves pounding against the rocks below.

 And the Lord kept saying in Spanish, "White House, White House, the White House has placed themselves here." (over)

900 25 April 1996
3:55 PM

It has arrived. Yes, Reymu ndo, it has arrived. The White House is going to fall, and with the force of the devil and to the point. The force, that is hitting your head now, is from the devil. It's because he doesn't want you to write what I am telling you; but it is the Truth. The White House is going to fall. You know that this is your Father, the One who made the world, the stars, all that you see, all that you touch. It has arrived, the day of the end of the White House. The President, of the United States, thinks a lot of himself. He believes he knows how to fix the things of God. But I tell you to the point He knows nothing. All the force, of the devil, is going to be placed on top of the head, of the President, of the United States, for the devil is going to push down the White House, with the force of the devils. The White House believes they can fix the things of the devil; but when you are walking with the devil, you cannot tell him what to do, for he will push you down. I know that the Word, that I am telling you, is hard; but it is the Truth. Here comes the war that I told you about earlier. All the people are going to know that the things that I told you about are going to happen, like I said. There is a man with a vase; and inside, of this vase, are the plans of the devil; and the man has the vase hidden, yes - inside a very old house. But the bullet is going to come; and it is going to hit this man in the head. And, there are going to be others that are going come; and they are going to take the vase; and the people, who steal the vase, are going to know the President, of the United States. Yes! They are going to believe - that this vase is going to help them; but this vase is going to push them down, all of them, the president, and the government, for the force is in the hands of the devil. And the government of the United States won't be able to do a thing, for they have played with the devil, for many years; and the devil is the boss. Yes! It has arrived; the day that the White House falls. The things, that I have said, are from the Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit.

I know where the vase is - for I told the devil where he could hide it - for I got tired of all the evil that comes out of the United States. My Eyes see all; and all that they see, out of the United States, is evil, for hand by hand, they work with the devil. They don't believe I see, because they don't believe in God. They say they are going to pray; but they don't pray - they are just words. You can hear them when someone dies, or when something bad happens; there - they say the Word of God, and they tell the people to pray; but they don't pray, for they work for the devil. They believe they are strong. But, do you remember what I told you about the housefly? And how My Hand was going to kill the housefly? That's what's going to happen, for they cannot fool Me. The climate, of the United States, is going to change, to the point, with water, with storms, with earthquakes, for We have arrived at the end; and the man, of the devil, has arrived. Remember when I told you to look at the sky, for there were coming - the things of the sky? The bomb is going to arrive; the infirmities are going to arrive; and the end has arrived, the end - of all that is good in the United States. They think a lot of themselves, even the ones who run the churches; but they don't seek Me with the Heart of God; they seek Me with the heart of money. They like the power. They like to tell people what to do, but they don't ask Me what I think. What a shame, for all of the world is going to be frightened!

952 30 August 1996
6:48 PM

White House becoming black & also Babylon

A vision of dark planet earth with a large black house rising into the heavens. Then this black river or black wave of oil brought down the black house back to the earth.

Then the Lord said, "The black house is Babylon and the black river of oil is the antichrist. (over)

956 31 August 1996
7:24 AM

I saw an image of a large white house going over a great waterfall.  The house had a black roof.

977 10 October 1996
1:46 PM

I saw a vision of a white house on the hill, and the house disappeared from the hill. (over)

999 22 December 1996
5:28 PM

The White House! Yes, the White House is going to fall with the peace. The White House is going to fall. For it is walking with it’s chest sticking out with the flame of the devil. The peace is going to end. It radiates the eyes of the devil, with the heart of the devil, for the heart of the White House is the heart of the devil. Watch yourself! See and hear the things of God. Read the Bible to the point. For it has arrived, the day, the hour, the minute, that the White House is going to fall to the point. They can say lies to all the people, but they cannot lie to God. For God knows the hearts of the all people, who run the White House, and all of it is filthy; the President, to the man who cleans the restroom. I am telling you the truth! I am telling you ALL to the point! It has arrived; all that I have told you in the Bible. For the chest of the White House is the chest of the devil. For the same reasons the devil fell. For they believed they were so great. They (White House) believed more in the man than in God. Yes, these are the Words of your God, the Father, with the Son, with the Holy Spirit. The God who tells you things straight and to the point. For they are the things of God, and it is the truth. This is the Word of your Father, with tears I tell you the truth. Get ready! Place your eyes on your Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and all will go well. But don’t say that I did not tell you. Yes! Yes! Yes! The end has arrived. (over)

1037 29 April 1997
9:01 AM

I see, and I hear people who are lesbians welcomed in the White House with opened arms. I see, and I hear the revolting things that these women do. I see, and I hear the revolting things that homosexuals do. Yes they are having fun; they are having pleasure, but there will come a time I will strip them naked before Me; and I will show them their Shame! This Country - and other Countries that have lost all their Morals, all their values are going to see the Wrath of God. But the leaders who allow; who encourage such acts; I am going to stump them with the Heel of My Shoe, and grind their heads into the ground. Any leader, any person, who encourages such a thing will be hearing from Me. I created a beautiful man in My Image. I created a woman for his partner, so the both could become one. With the help of the devil, with the help of the wickedness of man; they made dirty; they made evil; what I made beautiful in the beginning. People of the world must be really blind to believe that I do not see these things. But I tell you as My Name is Jehovah, with My Son Jesus Christ of Nazareth, with the Power of the Holy Spirit; your President or any President who allows such things will see the Heel of My Shoe. We are not playing games. This is not a fun and game thing! But there is a win and lose situation. The union between a man and a woman is sacred. It was made for a man and a wife, with the husband at the head, in union with his wife, both of them working as a unit. Why is that so hard to understand? But I tell you people of the world; that the time of your fun and games is almost over. For My Heel is ready too. With one Breath - things will begin to happen, and I will begin to clean this filthy little planet that you call earth.

1071 13 July 1997
9:55 AM

The White House is of the heart of the devil. Hear Me! Hear Me! If you have your eyes clean, and you can see clearly; you are going to know of the things of the White House are of the heart of the devil. The White House changed many years ago. At one point in time they sought, and looked for God, but on this day, on this date, they have the heart of the devil. They do not look for the things of God. They do not want to hear the things of God. The men of the White House, they only think of the things they have; the things that they want. They do not have the Mind of God, and they do not WANT the Mind of God.

Hear Me! Hear Me! The things that I tell you are the truth - they are clear! I know, the DATE, that is going to come with the Force of God, and they will not be able to save themselves. For what I say, is going to happen to the point. The people of the White House are blind, and they believe they can save themselves with the force of man. But the force of man is NOTHING for here comes the Day of God with the Force of God!