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Jack Barr / Ron Viessman
812 06 October 1995
8:30 PM

This is also interestng - note that 9 figures surround Uncle Sam (USA) - if there is only 9, then USA must be 1 of the 10 kings/crowns - another 1 (of the 3)  subdued by the beast - my own view

During worship at the Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International I had a vision of nine figures surrounding Uncle Sam, the man with the top hat with the outfit of the American colors, and the nine figures knocked Uncle Sam down to the ground, and he stayed there.

1453 16 February 2000
7 PM

The Lord showed me a vision of an old man. He was wearing a hat. On top of the hat there was an upside down metal bucket. Then I saw on top of the hat a chicken, and the chicken laid an egg. I sensed the man was Uncle Sam of the United States.