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2 18 July 1990

Please whole #2 and view all drawings on Ray's website

This vision of a clear sheet of glass made me even angrier for after seeing a nuclear explosion I was shown something that didn't make sense.

 The next thing I was shown was the ground. As I watched the ground it opened up and a large crystal came up. It was about one foot in diameter and about eighteen inches high with a bright white cone on top.

This crystal with a cone on top made no sense either, but then this crystal changed into the United States Pentagon Building.

Then the ice cream cone changed into the continent of South America.  From South America to Africa.  From Africa to Texas.  From Texas to Italy.  Then Holland was shown as a windmill.   Egypt was shown as an Egyptian Sphinx.

231 11 November 1992
7:22 PM

I saw a cowboy Hat.
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The Lord said, "Texas will be the second of the Beast."

859 30 January 1996
10:30 PM

A vision of an ice cream cone with vanilla ice cream and a dark colored cone, the cookie kind.
Then the vision changed into three ice cream cones.
A vision of a bundle of sticks tied tightly together with a thin white string.
The Lord said, "Watch the cowboy from Texas."
The Lord showed me a snake with someone trying to cut off its head with a dull knife. It didn't effect the snake at all. Then I saw someone trying to brand it with a hot branding iron from the neck back. They branded the snake so much that when they were finished the snake looked like a flat pancake the whole length of the snake. Then the snake pulls itself together or blows itself up and wiggles away.
I saw a powder blue airplane broken in two with the back portion missing.

1034 25 April 1997
11:30 PM

Not the same as dog (I believe GW Bush is riding this horse and hound dog is the specific people looking for Bin Laden - see #1548 - my own view)
I am, I am, I am. Stay awake, be alert. The horse and the hound dog are ready for the hunt. Watch the fox. He is fast, and he is swift. The hunt will avail nothing; for the fox is too clever for the horse and the hound. Mark My Words, the day of the fox is here. If you look closely; you will see the fox. The fox will make himself known within the next three years. Look for the fox; for the horse and the hound are right behind. (over)

1498 03 May 2000

During prayer, my prayer language began to speak strange and unusual sounds. Sounds I had never heard before. I could feel the Power of the Holy Spirit come upon me, and at the same time, I could sense this incredible war in the spirit. All I know is - it has something to do with George W. Bush, the Governor of Texas, who is running for the President of the United States. There is something strange going on in the spirit world, for my body was left totally shaken, tired and wasted after this strange prayer.

1548 07 September 2000

Notice that baseball floating above horse - GW Bush will ride this horse - see #1034 (See fox - Bin Laden, Al Qaeda / tiger / rat / fox / dragon / dog
Then the Lord gave me a vision of a horse saddle with a baseball floating in the air, a few inches above the saddle.  I said to the Lord, "I sense that the baseball is George W Bush".  The Lord said, "Yes, you are correct!" (over)

1562 22 November 2000
8:30 AM

Ray had 4 dreams regarding soldiers (about the Election - Al Gore vs George W Bush) - Please go to Ray's website to read dreams.  

1595 18 February 2001

The Lord said, "The ark of Texas. Texas is a lonely State." Then the Lord said, "Where there is shit there are flies" Then the Lord said, "He is quite a warrior." 
Then the Lord gave me a vision of a large pearl about as large as a bowling ball. I could see this ball rolling down this ramp.
Then the Lord said, "Caramba!" (Spanish word meaning - good gracious!)
The Lord said, "There is going to be a car with a rifle. Then the Lord said, "Watch the rifle!"
Then I saw a white stopped-up (plugged) cannon.

1651 07 November 2000

Read whole # on Ray's website (Un-numbered Prophecies) - Election - Al Gore & Bush
I was watching the United States voting returns on television and wondering who was going to win. I had made my mind up NOT to ask the Lord, who was going to win, but as the night went on and on - I could not wait any longer, so I asked the Lord. The Lord at first did not say a thing, but as the night went on, a video clip of George W. Bush came on the television screen. I do not know how to explain it, but somehow I knew deep inside my spirit, that he was going to win the Presidency. The Lord answered my prayer, but not in words.