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122 29 June 1992
3:51 PM

All day I have been seeing the head of a Bull Elephant from the front, with it's swinging trunk. Just now, I saw a Baseball. I don't know what it means or if it means anything.
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154 12 July 1992
5:37 PM

I see a face of a wolf with an angry and scary looking face staring at me. He doesn't look very happy. I see a vision of an elephant with his trunk wrapped around this pillar, and he pulls this pillar down and swings it. I see a serpent, and it looks like a rattlesnake with its mouth open. I can see its fangs. I don't see it eating anything, it only has its mouth open.

293 18 February 1993
8:49 AM

I see the head of an Elephant, and it looks like someone took a bite out of the whole right side of the head, from the ear almost to the other eye, down to the trunk, was bitten off.
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311 26 March 1993
10:09 PM

Already started because of 11 Sep 2001 incident? - See also #347 - own view
Clean up your act. Look for your God and pray. Drop to your knees and pray with your whole heart, mind, and soul. Pray for forgiveness, pray to your Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Pray, and Pray, and Pray. The Holy Spirit will guide you, will direct you. For the blood bath of the world will begin when the Elephant eats the straw. Remember, when the Elephant eats the straw will be the beginning of the blood bath.

322 04 May 1993
12:57 PM

I know what you're seeing in your spirit, the rear end of an Elephant and its waste dropping. For that's the way it's going to happen with the Elephant. The Elephant is going to make itself filthy in the manner of the devil, in the manner of all that is bad.

330 11 June 1993
10:10 PM

It has arrived, the pig, the rabbit, the dog, the elephant, the coyote, the tiger, and the Match. DON'T FORGET THE MATCH! For I am going to burn everything that is evil, all that is of the devil. Put everything down, write it with the Mind of God, with the Mind of everything that is Good. It has arrived. For it is Mine. For it is Mine. For it is Mine. (Non-understandable tongues?).

339 17 August 1993
12:29 AM

This Prophecy has to do with the Ark of the Covenant and reason for not including this part about elephant - my own view.

347 10 September 1993
9:30 PM

Already started because of 11 Sep 2001 incident? -See also #311 -  own view
I see the side view of an elephant eating a pile of straw.

375 14 October 1993
2:15 PM

I see an elephant running. The elephant is running very fast in my direction. There seems to be some kind of creature riding it. This creature looks like a large dark shadow and appears to be as large or larger than the elephant it's sitting on.

507 25 July 1994
8:10 PM

During prayer I had a vision of a large tall white triangle. This white triangle looks as tall as a forty or fifty story building. It is much higher than at the base. I can see many thousands of dark figures at the base of the triangle. Some distance from the white triangle I see a group of dark figures gathering around some sort of altar. I sense something blasphemous. It reminds me of what Moses might have seen when he came down from the mountain after receiving the commandments from God. I can see this altar with dark figures around it. They seem to be doing something, but I am too far off in the spirit to see just what is going on. There seem to be maybe fifteen to twenty thousand dark figures all over this small valley or arena. Now, I see this elephant walking out over this embankment carrying something with some figures walking behind it. I keep thinking or sensing in the spirit that this is an evil ritual or something very blasphemous to the Lord. For some reason I believe the triangle is the Lord.
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557 11 September 1994
9:45 AM

When George Bush became President ?? - it was then full moon - my own view

The Lord said, "The marriage of the elephant will become complete when the moon is full."

917 21 June 1996
8:30 PM

During praise and worship, the Lord showed Me a vision of an elephant jumping through a hoop - with an explosion and fire behind him. Then... when the elephant was going through this hoop, I saw two rifles, side-by-side, shoot the elephant.

Then, the next image I saw was of a big, heavy-set woman in this large clear tank, filled with water, being dunked into the water by her head - by this demon trying to drowned her. I could see the air coming out of her nostrils and mouth as she tried to gasp for air, from under the water.

Then the Lord said that the big, fat woman was the United States.

1095 27 July 1997
3:45 AM

A vision of an elephant stepping on a high platform with it’s two back legs on the ground, and one front leg on the platform and the forth on top of a golden tea pot. (over)

1261 19 March 1999
11:45 Am

The Lord gave me a vision of a Lion walking, as I watched him walk past me in the spirit, I noticed an elephant was following the Lion. (over)

1380 29 July 1999
7:40 PM

The Lord showed me a vision of a very tall woman as she walked down the steps. Then the Lord showed me a section of the Jewish or Muslim parts of Israel. Then I saw a woman with an elephant's head with two trunks. (over)

1478 16 March 2000

During prayer the Lord showed me the mouth of a large cave and as I watched the opening of this cave a large bull elephant came out and charged, swinging his large head and trunk in my direction. I could see him keeping guard as I saw other elephants leave the mouth of the cave and run into a high walled canyon in the other direction. (over)

1482 01 April 2000
3 PM

I had a vision of an elephant with its trunk on the ground, trying to suck-up a small fish with its trunk. (over)

1495 15 April 2000
4 AM

Olt timer Republicans (eg Father Bush) - my own view

I saw four very hairy elephants, their hair almost came down to the ground, and it looked like the hair parted down the middle of their backs. I could see them walking down this trail. (over)

1518 29 June 2000
8:45 PM

South American mission/anointing trip 

This shows that there is a tie between elephant (GW Bush) and the alligator - Mexico (Vincente Fox) - there is also a # 984 that says that George has a bad spirit in South America - & perhaps also #1001 referring to George Bush? - my own view

Then the Lord said, “Pray for the prostitutes in the street”. 
Visions while praying for street prostitutes:
The Lord showed me a skeleton of a large serpent (the bones were all attached), then a vision of a dinosaur skeleton.
Then I was given a vision of an Astronaut carrying a large florescent orange bag.  The large bag looked like it had a woman inside, but I am not sure.  He was walking up an embankment with the large orange bag over his right shoulder and a big fish under his left arm. 
So Carl and I prayed for the prostitutes to get jobs other than prostituting and the Lord gave me vision of dark domestic pigs with large tusks.  They looked like they could of weighed 600-700 1bs.  Then the pigs transformed into larger animals.  They looked sort of like a hippopotamus or rhinoceros, then they changed into elephants, but they were still large and dark looking. 
Now, I see a black alligator, and the alligator walked into the center of the herd of elephants, and I see the alligator eating something.  I do not understand these visions at all! 
Then we prayed for the Anointing Holy Redeemer Christ Statue, and the Lord said, ”Go”. 
Then the Lord gave me a vision of a lit blue candle.

1581 26 January 2001
8:30 PM

During worship at Carl's Bible study, the Lord gave me a vision of an elephant wathing a fire at a distance.  I was standing behind the elephant watching him watch the fire.  I could see the flames high up in th air, and this amazed me, for we were many miles away from the city that was on fire.

Then I saw the elephant sit down on his bottom, it was just like what you would see in a circus.  The the elephant lifted his ront legs and truk and began to wave them and only his bottom was touching the ground.