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147 07 July 1992
1:27 PM

Not sure whether this is referring to America - reason is that Mexico (alligator) is on US border - my own view

I saw an alligator catching a bird, a large bird. It looks like an Eagle. He catches it in his jaws, and is chewing it.

234 26 November 1992
10:33 AM

Read whole Prophecy - Not sure whether this is referring to America - reason is that when reading rest of the Prophecy, US map & shield and crutch are included - see also #362 - own view
I see the image of an eagle, standing on top of a hill, but it doesn't have wings. It has human arms and hands. The eagle is holding its arms and hands behind him. They are not tied. The eagle is just looking down this hill, and below the hill, I see the Eiffel Tower of Paris. It's a very dark brown eagle.

254 29 June 1992
3:29 AM

There is a big window behind this desk. It has squares with curtains. The curtains are gray blue in color and are behind the man that's writing with the golden pen. I don't really know, but I believe it's the White House in Washington, DC. I am seeing something unusual and hard to explain. I see a circle with the U.S Eagle with the stars around the circle. Then it changes into a Satanic pentagram. I am seeing a large room and in front of this desk there is a rug with a round image of the American Eagle emblem on it.

330 11 June 1993
10:10 PM

For some or other reason I think this is referring to America ?? - my own view

During prayer I saw an image of an eagle like a drawing or emblem with a snake in the shape of a stretched spring. It was a snake above the head of the eagle image.

362 20 September 1993
7:58 AM

See also #234 - same type of vision of eagle - my own view
I see an eagle from behind and it is looking at a round ball of white light. Then the white ball of light starts to grow. Then it gets bigger and bigger and the eagle just stands there watching it grow.

373 10 October 1993
4: PM

I see a vision of a shield that has the colors of the United States flag. I saw an eagle earlier, but I can't tell if there is an eagle on top of the shield, but I can see the Stars and Stripes.

428 05 April 1994
10:00 PM

I had a vision of an eagle carrying a brief case.

448 10 May 1994
7 AM

I believe this is referring to America and George Bush - my own view
I had a vision of a white horse galloping with a dark eagle of some sort. It was picking at the horse's ear or speaking into it, I don't know which. The eagle was flying as the horse was running.

633 05 November 1994
3:30 PM

Then I saw a vision of another bird that looked similar to an eagle with one third of the right-side of it's face burned. Most of the burned area was around the right eye.

766 04 July 1995
4:44 PM

I saw an eagle flying with a missile of some sort coming from behind and shooting over the eagle's head in-between it's wings. As I am speaking into the tape recorder and watching it in the spirit, this missile seemed to separate and go in different directions after it was over the eagle's head. (over)

857 24 January 1996
8:00 PM

A vision of a large missile flying horizontally with and eagle standing toward the tail end, with it's wings out trying to hold it's balance. It reminded me of a surfer balancing himself on a surfboard.

912 27 May 1996

I saw a vision of an American eagle with its head turned and looking down at something. Then the next vision was the same eagle with its beak and neck tied with some string. The American eagle was in total bondage.

1035 25 April 1997
5:00 PM

I saw a clear glass mug with an emblem of an eagle on the surface, but on the inside of this clear mug there was some sort of whirlwind. (over)

1336 17 May 1999
10:40 AM

A vision of a very large eagle and a stork both were casting a large
shadow. (over).

1458 17 February 2000
12:45 AM

Not sure whether this eagle is referring to America

The Lord showed me a bull's head with long horns and a pair of black lungs. I believe it is something demonic.
Then I saw a vision of a star with a circle around it.
Then I saw a frog that stuck its tongue out and caught a fly.
Then I saw a crown, the kind a king would wear. The crown had a little cross on top of it.
Then a vision of a claw of an eagle or some kind of predator bird.