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187 15 August 1992
Referring here to Democratic Party ??  My own view

I see something very unusual right now. I see a Donkey with it's tail up dropping waste.
1509 12 June 2000
Referring to Democratic Party - Military votes ??  My own view
Then I saw a donkey or jackass from behind.  This was a very strange sight because it looked like the donkey was painted black with paint from its rear end down to its hoofs.  The only thing tht was left unpainted was its body and tail.  It looked like it had backed up against a freshly painted black wall.  I cannot explain why the brown tail did not get any paint on it.  Maybe someone just painted the donkey that way.
1562 22 November 2000
8:30 AM
Ray had 4 dreams regarding soldiers (about the Election) - Please go to Ray's website(Un-numbered Prophecies)  to read dreams.  The following Prophecy given about dreams.

Then the Lord said, "Al Gore is trying to kill the military votes".