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380 18 October 1993
4:50 AM

Jack Barr's interpretation - showing to abnormality of blacks (as per anti-christ)

I see a
black hand with six fingers holding a lamp.

616 20 October 1994
1:15 PM

A of the front view and side view of a young black man and it is super imposed on an image of a gorilla or monkey. I believe the Lord is stating that the antichrist is going to use this poster to try to convince people that black people come from apes and that is all right to kill them. (over)

898 16 April 1996
10:30 PM

Spiritual warfare
Occurrence and Vision:
Then I saw a White Horse flying through the air. It was impressed on my spirit that it represented an Angel of the Lord, I don't know how I knew but it was an Angel in the figure of a White Horse.
Then out of nowhere this enormous hand that looked like a gorilla's hand sneaked up and grabbed this White Horse out of the air like it was a small bird; crushed it, and smacked it to the ground. Then this hand somehow transformed its five fingers into two and went downward with an incredible force toward the crushed Angel. I don't know if it hit the Angel again, but it had great power in its two newly formed fingers. Immediately my prayer language changed, and I felt like I was going to explode from within and I could feel my body and spirit jump into a warfare mode. I got up from my seat and wanted to stop the Communion prayer and get into the war. But something told me I had to finish Communion and get a brother to anoint me with oil before I went into warfare. I had sensed the urgency to pray for two days, but I didn't know why. So for the next half-hour to forty-minutes I wailed and found myself flat on the floor. With my arms extended out and with my legs together (in the shape of a cross) with an unusual sounding prayer language that at times was quiet and at other times it was loud and fast. My prayer language was acting crazing during this time and I reallylost track of time.

This large hairy black gorilla's hand reminded me of the gorilla movie, "King Kong," from the thirties or forties. But what was more interesting was the spiritual war I was seeing. This giant hairy black hand was fighting the Lord's Angelic Forces and was beating them. Then I saw what looked like a hole open up in the side of a mountain, and a tunnel extended out with hundreds upon hundreds of black horses (devils) shooting out, and began to help this large black hand fight the White Horses (Angels). I was surprised by the speed of the battle, there wasn't a wasted movement by either of the parties involved, and I could sense that in the spirit the Angels were losing the battle. What was also startling was the gorilla's hand; this creature was enormous compared to the White Horses. I mean, his hand was so large it could place a White Horse in its palm, and these were life size White Horses or Angels or whatever you would like to call them.

1643 23 July 2001
1:30 PM

This can either refer to the black people or to the "evolution" theory - own view

Remember the days are coming to an end. Pray, pray, pray for the ways of God are strange to the ways of man. If you want to come to Heaven, if you believe that God created man you belong to Me.
If you believe that man came from monkeys you belong to the devil and with the devil you will live for all the days that are days. Remember these Words through My prophet. My little Reymundo is suffering trying to figure out how he is going to pay his bills, set up this new computer, and all the things of life, that he has to do. But he knows and I know that what I have said is the Truth. And he knows and I know that he will accomplish his goal. He will get his computer and he will broadcast it to the world at the right time at the right place with the Power and the Vengeance of God. He will accomplish his task.